Graston Technique, Benefits of Graston Techniques

Graston Technique is a therapeutic technique used by physical therapists in order to diagnose and cure all the problems related to the skeletal muscles and soft tissue is known as Graston Technique. It is a patented method that has been successfully used by therapist to manage chronic disorders. The therapists who have been trained to use this technique can only administer this mode of treatment.

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It is a innovative patented technique and practitioners who have been granted a license by the licensing company, TherapyCare Resources Inc can only make use of the Graston Technique. This technique was found by a person named David Graston. The adhesions that are present in the muscles and tendons can be identified and resolved by means of Graston instruments (collection of 6 stainless steel instruments of different shapes and sizes). This is done by the Graston Technique practitioners, by palpating the bodies of the patients.

How can you benefit from the Graston Technique?
Graston Technique has many benefits that have successfully helped many people in treating various kinds of musculoskeletal disorders. Here are six ways in which the Graston technique can be beneficial to us:
1. Heal variety of illnesses and problems: Problems like Carpal tunnel Syndrome(wrist problem), scars, foot and arch pain, neck pain, lower back, ankle pain etc have responded well to Graston Technique.
2. Easy solution to chronic problems: Chronic problems that were once considered to permanent problems can be cured easily.
3. Reduces time spent on treatment It reduces the total amount of time spent on treating a particular health problem
4. Treatment of internal and underlying health problems: Even the deeper internal problems can be specifically treated.
5. Faster rehabilitation It promotes faster rehabilitation The healing process is much faster with Graston technique
6. Ability to resume work soon enough: Able to resume normal activity immediately post treatment: In the course of the treatment, the patient gets the confidence to do his usual activities. By the end of the treatment, he or she is able to carry out duties with ease.

Research summaries that support the use of the Graston Technique
1. In December 2006, The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association gave in-depth information on ‘the conservative treatment of Trigger thumb using Graston Techniques and Active Release Techniques’. The objective of this program was ‘to detail the progress of a patient with unresolved symptoms of Trigger thumb that underwent a treatment plan featuring Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique.’ The outcome was that the pain and disability that the patient was experiencing was no longer present.
2. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics did ‘A Pilot Study Comparing Two Manual Therapy Interventions for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’
3. School of Chiropractic and Sports Science, Murdoch University, Western Australia and Monash Institute of Health Services Research, Australia conducted ‘spinal manipulative therapy versus Graston Technique in the treatment of non-specific thoracic spine pain’.

Positive comments from people who use Graston Technique
1. The testimony of Debbie Fergusson (two-time Olympic Champion):
‘After trying the Graston Technique® for the first time, I not only achieved instant results which showed in my flexibility and in my training, I am able to take my athletic career to the highest level competing with the best in the world. I am able to train more in depth at a higher intensity …. producing better and faster times in the athletic world.”
2. The testimony of Paul J. Kern MD, physiatrist, physical medicine, Indianapolis:
“I use Graston Technique to help restore the function and control that many of my patients lose when a simple injury becomes a chronic condition. It’s drug-free, non-invasive and produces an almost immediate response. Most importantly, it equalizes the frustration felt by many of my patients who have already failed to respond to conventional treatment.”

Why should I go for the Graston Technique?
If I do not have a good bodily posture, I may develop unhealthy adhesions in the musculoskeletal and related connective tissues that are very soft in nature. Such a thing can happen to anybody. Hence, proper treatment is very necessary to get rid of the excruciating pain. One of the best possible ways to treat such health problems is by means of the Graston Technique.
I found this method of treatment to be very effective as it divides up the collagen cross-links which results in the stretching of the soft tissue and muscle fibers. It increases the temperature of the skin which causes increased blood flow in the affected area. This also results in increased cellular activities of fibroblasts and mast cells in the affected area. The best part about this treatment is that I do not have to spend much time in getting myself treated. The very internal skeletal muscle issues can be easily dealt with the Graston Technique.

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FAQS on Graston Technique:

How is the Graston Technique used?
Graston Technique involves usage of six stainless steel tools to clinically indentify adhesions, scar tissue or limitations in the concerned area of the body. The practitioners skillfully comb the area by means of the respective tool to detect the area of restriction. After the identifying the tissue, the tools are then used to break down the scar tissue which is ultimately absorbed by the body.

Is only the Graston Technique used for treating the affected area?
No, before making use of Graston Technique to cure the affected area, the patient is subjected to go through warm-up exercise after which follows the Graston Technique treatment. After this, there is stretching, intensification and ice.

Will I experience pain during the Graston Technique treatment?
A patient will experience very minor discomfort when the tools are used to identify the affected area of restriction. After this, there will be some bruising but do not be afraid it is a part of the therapeutic process.

Can you tell me the success rate of Graston Technique treatment?
A study has shown that around 85 to 90 % individuals who have gone through this kind of treatment have successfully resolved the functionality of the affected areas and healed chronic injuries.

How long does the problem take to get treated?
Patients who have undergone such a treatment were given a treatment for over four to five weeks. In most cases, patients have shown the signs of recovery by the third and fourth treatment session.

Warnings that I should know about Graston Technique
Only practitioners who have been professionally qualified via Graston Technique Basic course have the authority to obtain the Graston Technique and make use of the treatment methods on patients. Only after acquiring the license from the TherapyCare Resources Inc, one can administer its treatment.

5 Reasons as to why you should go for Graston Technique?
Graston Technique is a very good way to treat all the internal musculoskeletal disorders without resorting to any kind of surgery. More and more people are taking great interest in adopting the Graston Technique; here are top 5 reasons why I prefer Graston technique:

1. Easy solution to chronic problems Whenever someone has a chronic problem related to skeletal muscles, most people feels that it cannot be cured quickly. However, Graston Technique has proved that chronic disorders can be treated quickly. With chronic disorders taking hardly any time to heal, the other soft tissue disorders that I may have developed over the period can also be treated quickly. Things like Carpal tunnel Syndrome(wrist problem), scars, foot and arch pain, neck pain, lower back, ankle pain, muscle pull, shoulder sprain, shin splints, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow have responded well to Graston Technique.

2. Reduces time spent on treatment: One of the best things I like about this technique of treatment is that it does not involve spending a lot of time at the hospital to treat my disorders. The total amount of time spent for this treatment is comparatively less compared to any other mode of treatment for treating adhesions of soft tissue.

3. Treatment of internal and underlying health problems Graston Technique has helped me successfully detect even those muscle problems that are located deep inside. The combing technique easily identifies all the affected areas and immediate action that is to taken to treat them.

4. Faster rehabilitation: Since it takes only a few weeks to get the treatment done, the Graston Technique fosters faster recovery. The stainless steel tools that are used for treating the affected areas will stimulate the collagen to break down resulting in increase of the blood flow and cellular activity leading to faster rehabilitation.

5. Ability to resume work soon enough: Usually the Graston Technique treatment is carried out over a period of four to five weeks; the patient develops self-confidence to carry out all his daily activities like the same way he used to do before contracting the disorder. The positive results can be seen during the third and fourth treatment.

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