Hair Transplants, Non-Surgical Hair replacements or Wigs?

Should I go for wigs or hair transplantation? Are non-surgical hair replacements better than hair transplants? What is the difference between wigs and hair replacements

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Hair wigs are non-surgical and the weight feels heavy. The volume is high and length is uniform. The density of the hair after the wig is thick. The hair quality is synthetic in nature. The color of the hair is of a single nature. Hair wigs offer no grips and the style is uni-directional. There is no styling and there are no side-effects either. Thee is no customization possible when it comes to wigs. Hair wigs are the cheapest form of hair replacements.

Non-surgical hair replacements:
Hair replacements are non-surgical too but the weight is 50-70 percent lighter. The volume depends on user-preference. The density is also up to you. Natural human hair is used in non-surgical hair replacement. The color can be single or multi-tone, the grip is of 4 type, three ends by clips and the front part by taping. The style is free, you can give your hair the style you want. The routing is good and there are no side-effects.You can customize it to any extent you want.

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Hair Transplants: Hair transplants are surgical in nature, there is no weight because it is a procedure which makes use of your own hair. There is low hair volume, the effectiveness can last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. Hair transplants costs are exorbitant. Generally, hair transplant costs can range anywhere from $4000 to $20,000.he price of a hair graft, for instance, can range from $3.00 a graft to $10.00 a graft. The side effects are in the form of surgical risks. Customization is not as possible as the ones in non-surgical replacements.

So by looking at the above three, we can say that non-surgical hair replacements are safer and more stylish compared to wigs and hair transplants. But in the end, it boils down to your preference.

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