Halle Berry post Pregnant Diet-What does Halle Berry Eat?

Halle Berry’s post pregnant figure is sexier than ever; and can be attributed to some healthy eating. The woman has always been in good shape and even manages to shed 40 pounds with equal élan. In fact, some of her friends and her detractors who saw Halle Berry post pregnancy were surprised to see her so well toned and shapely in just two months after pregnancy. Well, if you have a will, you have the way.

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Halle Berry who was 41, when she was pregnant, gave birth to daughter Nahla At that time, the actress was about 165 pounds. But after two months post pregnancy, Halle Berry was 128 pounds, 10 pounds lighter than her targeted weight.

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So what is the secret of Halle Berry’s weight loss? Well, she does things simple; eats a balanced diet and makes it a point to have 1,500 calories worth nutritious foods. She stays away from sweets and makes sure that she is having enough vitamins.

Halle Berry’s diet consists of chicken, fish,fruit and lots of salads. As far as workouts are concerned, the actress works five days a week for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. In fact, her trainer Ramona Braganza says that Halle Berry was clear about losing weight even before she gave birth to her daughter. In fact, many will be surprised to know that she began swimming soon after birth. In the next three weeks, she was on her way doing her squats, lunges and strength training.

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