Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome compensation

Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome compensation is one of the top settlement claims in personal injuries in the US and UK. Vibration white finger, an industrial injury that is caused due to using vibrating tools has affected more than ten thousand workers last year.

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Vibration White Finger is caused due to repeated use of vibrating machinery like pneumatic drills, power drills, needle grinders etc. Though one does not know how vibrations are responsible for HAVS, it is said that repetitive but small injuries that happens to the blood vessels and nerves over a period of time gives rise to Vibration White Finger

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The   Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome legal compensation story first floated when the government initiated a scheme to compensate ex miners who suffered from this problem due to working in mines.  They used vibrating tools and over a period of time, contracted the syndrome.  By 2004, the court has asked the employers to dole out £100 million as Vibration White Finger compensation. However the situation has still not improved; there are still many cases on the rise.  Read more about symptoms and treatment for Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome

.In most cases, it is better to seek a legal compensation.  If you have been asked to use a vibrating tool under instruction and have not be advised about the side effects that may occur and how you have to control them, it is better to make a Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome compensation claim. One can recover lost earnings due to this disease through laying a claim for compensation that should cover physical as well as emotional torture. But the most important thing to underline is that the Hand Arm Vibrating Syndrome lawyer has to prove the cause of the disease, and back it up by medical evidence.

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