Heel Pain Treatment, Causes, Pictures

Heel pain treatment is needed for most individually (typically, the elderly) who are suffering from the pain. Let us  know more about this condition.

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Heel pain is one of the frequent health issues which are mostly found in older individuals. It usually occurs due to excessive daily activities; it also occurs due to exercises in some cases. Evidently it is the heel bone that first comes in contact with the surface during walking or running, bearing significant pressure from the body. This makes it prone to such painful conditions. By nature that arches present on the feet gets flatten while walking which is then stabilized and maintained by foot muscles namely flexor digitorum brevis muscles. In case when the parts connected to the heel bone swell due to gait inappropriateness, it may result in heel pain. In certain cases straining causes to muscles may also pull the bone away from calcaneus which may also lead to heel pain.

Heel Pain Symptoms

Heel pain treatment may be beneficial in curing the issue as it is mostly acute malfunction. Heel pain itself can be a formidable sign of forthcoming or present foot issue. Heel pain may abate with appropriate exercises and normal activities but it may also increase with increased activity. It is essential to perform little activity when suffering from heel pain. Immobility or idleness tightens the foot muscles which in turn augments the strain tolerated by plantar fascia. Mobility or moderate foot work, which actually serves as an exercise for affected heel, may also worsen the heel condition if it is not practiced.

Heel Pain Causes

Too much regular activity may serve as one of the causes of heel pain. Daily activity that involves standing continuously for long hours may overtime lead to heel pain. Other exercises such as running, jumping etc, when performed in excess may cause such issues.  On the other hand there are other bodily strains that may add to the list of causes of heel pain as well as foot pain.

Other conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, overweight, Haglund’s deformity, Bekhterev’s disease, traumatic pronation, soft tissue sarcoma etc may also contribute to heel pain.

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Heel Pain Pictures

Diagnosis of heel pain:

Before obtaining any heel pain treatment you may have to first diagnose the condition. It is possible that your doctor may ask you about any prior heel issue even before examining your heel condition.  After checking you medical history the doctor will examine your heel problem and may ask you to undergo certain imaging diagnoses. These imaging diagnoses may include x-rays, MRI etc which will help the doctor to detect fractures or other issues.

Heel pain treatment:

Heel pain treatment is obviously depended on the severity and root cause of the condition. If the heel pain condition is not extremely severe then any traditional heel pain treatment may be helpful.  These traditional techniques include applying ice, using comfortable shoe, oil massage etc. A latest introduction to the medical industry known as ESWT or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is a noninvasive operation which proves to be an efficient heel pain treatment.

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