How do Pheromones work? Smells that Change Mood

Pheromones are chemical signals given off by your body; they exert a subtle influence, perceived as sexual on the behavior of others.

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Pheromones: Pheromones give off smells that can be sexually exciting to many people particular those who are aroused by olfactory (smell) sensations. Women are particularly attracted to the pheromone in male sweat. When women are exposed to 20 whiffs of androstadienone, a pheromone in male sweat, their cortisol level rises. Cortisol may be linked with bad stress as a hormone, but it is also associated with sexual excitement.

Pheromones can help women identify potential mates: When women sniff T-shirts worn by a variety of men, they consistently prefer those whose smell does not resemble their family members’. Research base this as their involuntary preference that prevents inbreeding.

Human beings are particularly attracted to the smell of ocean breeze, smell of the first rain, pool chlorine, baby powder and freshly grated nutmeg. They are aroused by the smell of the body odor and sweat of the opposite sex (provided they are at tolerable levels). There are several hundred types of smell receptors in our nose and millions of these cells lie in the nasal passages. Once a cell detects a source of smell, it relays the information to the olfactory bulb, a small cluster of neurons found in the brain.

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The signals are then sorted and transmitted to the limbic system. This part of the brain is associated with memories and emotions, so things like fighting, fleeing, sexual desire; pleasure and addiction are associated with the signals controlled by this part of the brain. Perhaps, this is why dinner is seen as a precursor to sex.

For enhancing moods, according to the Ohio State University, there are two types of fragrances: lavender and lemon. While lavender has a calming effect, the smell of lemon is invigorating. The hormone related to energy, norepinephrine, gets a boost when people smell the lemony scent.

Smells for workouts: Peppermint vapors give athletes and basketball players more energy, speed and confidence. In fact, Reebok even uses peppermint smell into some of its sports bras.

Smells to increase your attraction to the opposite gender: Cucumber, licorice, and baby powder have been shown to increase libido in women, increasing blood flow to the vagina by 13%. Pumpkin pie and lavender increase blood flow by 11%..For a good romantic dinner, have pumpkin pie and keep cucumber scented sachet at the bedside. Mogra is also a classic scent that can raise the libido in both the sexes.

Smells to cure insomnia: lavender essence work the best to treat insomnia . Sprinke some in the bed before sleeping. Also find out why women’s body odor changes at various times in the month

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