How Long Does it Take to Lose 20 Pounds?

How long does it take to lose 20 pounds? Nobody could ever supply the precise answer to that question. It is not measurable and there are plenty of factors to consider like diet and exercise. However, there are rough estimates on how long it would take for one to lose some weight.

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Getting back to the question on hand: how long does it take to lose 20 pounds? An individual can also lose 20pounds in 1 month. This is the recommended minimum time one should set if he or she is really determined lose weight in the most healthy and safe way. This program doesn’t require one to be involved in hours and hours of exercise, nor does it require an individual to control his/her cravings for food. This program is termed as Calorie shifting. It’s a bit complicated though and it requires some prerequisites. One of which is that a person must know his daily intake of calories. Another is that he must be a healthy eater and does not skip a single meal. This is how it basically works. First, one must establish a baseline, for example a person consumes 2000 calories a day. On the first week, up-shift calorie intake by 300, twice a week on Monday and Thursday. So an individual will now consume 2300 worth of calories. For the second week, down shift calorie intake by 500 on Tuesday and Friday, so that’s 1500 calorie intake. For the third week, up-shift by 400 calories, on Wednesday and Saturday so take in 2400 calories. And lastly, on the 4th week, down-shift by 500 calories, so that is 1500 calories, on Thursday and Sunday. This will confuse one’s metabolism helping your body burn more calories.

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Another rough estimate is losing 20 pounds in 3weeks. This involves physical workouts and sticking to a diet. Cardiovascular routines like brisk walking, riding a bike, and jogging are common fitness programs to which an individual commonly commits to. If one religiously sticks to this workout for at least an hour a day and eats a reduced carbohydrate diet, one could definitely achieve the result he/she desires in 3 weeks’ time.

Lastly, if you want to speed up weight loss, you can lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. This is made possible by a detox diet that aids in eliminating useless and undigested fats. It can greatly help in weight loss due to its low calorie content diet. For instance, a fruit juice detox diet can be made by adding a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and mix it inside a juicer. One can also make a simple fruit juice by just adding lemon with water. A juicer is most preferable than any other liquidizer for it separates the fibrous pulp from the juice. A well known fruit juice is the “master cleanser diet”. It is usually drunk to purge unhealthy toxins and get rid of cravings for drugs, alcohol tobacco and food. This diet is made up of purified water mixed with fresh lemon juice, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Laxative tea or saline solution is also mixed with the juice in order to flush out the lower gastrointestinal system. This juice does not only make one lose weight, it can also make a person healthy. However, drinking this juice over 3 weeks is not advisable as our body can adapt to it at longer duration rendering it ineffective.

How long does it take to lose 20 pounds? There is no accurate answer. Not even the best doctor or the best diet consultant in town can supply you with that answer. The answer lies within you. It takes effort, determination and perseverance to reach your desired weight.

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