How to avoid Jet Lag, Jet Lag Prevention Tips

How to avoid or prevent a jet lag? This is something that is foremost in most airline passengers minds’ when they travel by air. Jet lag can be described as the various physical reactions to a rapid change in time zones, while flying. Not just occasional flyers, even pilots and flight crews are known to suffer from jet lags, which are in the form of headache, irritability, fatigue, disorientation, swollen libs and irregular bowel movements. Here are ways to avoid jet lags
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1. The first step to avoid jet lag is to start getting used to the time-zone. Begin by making changes in your sleep patterns to the time zones of your destination. Start by adjusting your bed-time by an hour, a day, a week in advance. This will reduce the intensity of jetlag symptoms.
2. It is important that you sleep during your fligtht, when it is night time. If you are unable to sleep try listening to some soothing music, wearing eye-masks, anything that will help to relax and lull you to sleep.
3. It is important to stay hydrated when you are flying. Therefore, drink plenty of water before and after your flight. Dehydration is important to make your jet lag worse.
4. Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol during the flight , as they can cause dehydration.
5. Make it a point to try to stay awake on during your flight especially if it is daytime. Try talking to your fellow passengers, listening to music or reading books and magazines.
6. Do not overeat during your flight, even if you are tempted by the food. Eat only when youa re hungry and eat light. Practice some body stretches before and after your flight

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