How to build a lean, toned body?

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Both muscular body and lean body look good in males, and are admired by females. So how do you get a sexy, lean toned body?
Getting a lean body EASILY depends on the body structure. People who are ectomorphs have naturally, skinny body while endomorphs tends to be on the bulkier side. Mesomorphs (read Arnold Schwarzenegger) have body builder type physique. So for ectomorphs, it is easier to develop a lean physique. To get a lean body, you should do a lot of cardio exercises, Pilates and weight training. You should have a protein diet that comprises carbohydrates. Starving your body to becoming lean is crimal,period.
To attain a lean body, include all the main food groups in your diet and ensure that your meal comprises 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fat. When you start following this diet and exercise, it may seem that you are gaining weight. Don’t get alarmed as it is just part of the process of fat getting converted into muscle mass. Consume a lot of energy-sustaining food, such as fruits, vegetables, pulses, fish and meat.
The path to becoming lean is crucial and should be done through proper exercise, which balances both weight training and cardio exercises, and followed with a protein diet that includes carbohydrates. Do not starve yourself trying to be lean as it just erodes the lean body mass and harms your looks
A lean physique is more flexible in contrast to a muscular frame which makes the body pretty stiff and leads to lack of stamina. You can opt for high intensity exercises in the gym, such as cardio, for around 50 minutes, and then switch to other activities like swimming, cycling, running, skating or power walks for another half hour to develop a lean body.
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