How to lose weight before Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to lose weight to be in shape for Valentine’s Day? Do not worry, you still have time to shed time for Valentine’s Day. Here are tips to be in shape and lose weight for the Valentine’s Day
1. Go for wholemeal bread instead of whitemeal: Though the calorie count is same, there is less fiber in wholemeal, which means you will not feel as hungry again
2. Drink lots of water: When you are hungry, you actually are thirsty. Around 1.5 to two liters a day is a minimum for an average person.
3. Exercise: Do Yoga, aerobics or your favorite exercises to get in shape. Aim for getting rid of the fat around the midsection, having a flat stomach or somewhere close to it can be a huge turn on to the opposite sex.
4. Cut out the sugar in tea: Go for green tea and cut out the sugar in your regular tea, because sweeteners can increase hunger cravings.
5. Eat fruits: Eat citrus vitamins, they are a powerhouse of Vitamin C; brings glow to the skin and also makes sure that you do not feel hungry to eat junk food.
6. Eat five meals: Rather than eating three big meals on a daily basis, go for five mini meals, it can be good for your metabolism.

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