How to lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight without dieting? If you find it difficult to stick to your diet plan; yet want to have a fantastic body/figure; you can do without dieting.  Dieting is perceived to have connotations of hunger and starvation. But starvation is never the prescription for weight loss.  Let us now look at how you can lose weight without dieting.

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1.       Eat slowly:  Eat your food, don’t go through it in a chaotic manner.  Chew your food slowly and enjoy every bite.  If you eat fast, you tend to eat more.

2.       Drink more water: Drinking more water and fruit juices can actually replenish your body well, increase your metabolism and improve in the circulation of your body, making you feel less sluggish and more vibrant.

3.       Eat more of veggies and fruits: Though high fat dishes are tempting, even veggies can be delicious if prepared nicely. Go for two varieties of green veggies and you will enjoy it. Eat fruit salad, if eating just one type of fruit bores you.

4.       Choose whole grains over processed ones: Whole grains, whole wheat brown rice, oats, barley can  lower bad cholesterol and help you lose weight. Stay away from processed foods and pick whole grains for your health regime.

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5.       Reduce alcohol: People who drink alcohol have more cases of obesity than non-drinkers.  Also when you drink alcohol, you tend to include lot of high fat foods to suit your platter which can go against you.

6.        Eat in a smaller plate: if you pick a smaller plate,let’s say; a 10 inch plate compared to a 12 inch one,  you will notice that you that you’ve reduced about 100 odd calories from your daily food intake.

7.        Drink green tea: One of the best health drinks in our times,; green tea can improve metabolism through the action of catechins, a type of photochemicals.  You can definitely replaced aerated rinks or creamy milkshakes with this.

8.       Walk for 20 minutes every day: Experts say that walking for 20 minutes every day (equals to walking a mile) can help you burn 100 calories. So get off the bus one stop before your destination. Take the stairs instead of the lift and walk to the shopping mall or office instead of the car, if the destination is 15-20 minutes walkable.

9.        Have the appetizer as a meal in restaurants: If you wish, you can have an appetizer as a meal in the restaurant.  Ask for low calorie versions; splits the starters with a friend. Ask for a half-plate option if there is one.

10.    Keep the motivation going: You can keep the motivation going on by focusing on the target. For instance,  if you want to get into the fancy stylish skinny jeans,  ask yourself -are you really helping cause by having that creamy bite of cheese laden pizza?

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