How to measure Cholesterol? When is Cholesterol High?

Cholesterol meds say ou may have reason to worry if your lipo-protein profile says that the total cholesterol level is between 200-239 mg/dL. Cholesterol can cause arterial walls to harden by building up. These walls become narrow, restrict blood flow and open the door to heart diseases.

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Cholesterol levels are measured or rather determined by age, gender and hereditary factors. The blood cholesterol levels rise with increasing age, which is why one has to exercise regularly to make sure that they remain low.

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Symptoms of high cholesterol: There are no outward symptoms of high cholesterol. If you are overweight, are genetically disposed to eat or habituated to eating oil rich diet, then you should regularly check with cholesterol meds.

Here is how to keep cholesterol levels in check:
1. Avoid junk food and processed, friend food rich in cheese, butter and oil. Go for a low fat diet.
2.  Use rice bran oil or groundnut oil for daily cooking
3.  Move to low-fat milk and cheese.
4. Exercise to  get low LDL and move to HDL. This can happen from one hour of physical exercises.


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