How to Overcome Stage Fright

Stage fright tips definitely can help your cause if you want to be your confident self while performing on stage.  Many people face the phobia of stage fright. Standup comedians who regale and charm audiences tell that they get butterflies in the stomach and quiver in the knees for sometime, but the high of performing soon takes over and the fear of performing on stage is gone.

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Symptoms of stage fright:

Symptoms of stage phobia or fright can include feeling of growing anxiety, sweating profusely, shaky voice, fear of making a fool of oneself, going back and even an inability to speak at all; besides the quiver in the knees and the mouth going dry. But then this is not relegated to just stage; it can also be when one  has to give a presentation at work or speech to a gathering of people.

Overcoming stage fright

1.       Know your subject well: Preparation can beat fear. If you know your matter in and out, you can be sure that whatever you say,  it has weight because you know more than your audience.  Prepare and rehearse your material in advance, keep cues in mind so that you know how to move from one subtopic to the other.

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2.        Work on the tone and pitch, so that the speech does not go dry. If you are singing or performing, think of ways to get the audience involved. You an also find ways to get audience involved when you are giving speech, that way; since it becomes a two-way thing, you also develop confidence.

3.        Practicing your act loud in front of the mirror is one of the best ways to overcome stage fright.  Look at yourself straight in the eye and speak out.

4.       Use humor in your speech to break the tension.  Self-deprecating humor can be even better because if you can take digs at yourself, the audience warms up to you, but do not go overboard.

5.        Make affirmative statements to yourself, say to yourself that no matter what happens, you are going to give them something that they would never forget.  Imagine yourself delivering a speech, presentation, performing an art to cheers and claps among the audience.

6.       Most of our stage fright is mere apprehension.  Once you begin your speech for instance, the remaining phase of the delivery will be smooth. Well begun is half the battle won.

7.        Smile at your audience, do not look down or at the wall opposite you. If you look at the audience and smile, while concentrating on what you have to say, there is more vibe shared between the audience and you

8.        Before your act, speech or performance on stage, take a deep breath. This will help calm down your nerves.

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