How to treat Leg Corns, Foot Corns

Foot corns can be quite an irritation. These types of corns usually are caused due to extra pressure in a particular area of the foot.They are nothing but thickened skin but can be annoyingly painful.According to Dr Kaustubh Keskar,a podiatrist,When there is too much pressure caused either by repeated friction or poor quality footwear,skin starts thickening to protect itself. Corns develop when the pressure is not eliminated.It is nature’s way of protecting the feet against friction and high pressure.

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Foot corns may appear on the top of toes or on the outer surface of the little toe.Sometimes they might also appear in between the toes.Corns are easily recognisable as the dead skin is concentrated in one area and it has a conical shape,with the pointed end of the cone digging into your foot.Intense pressure can be caused on the feet by the following factors: Tight,uncomfortable,or ill-fitting footwear

Do not ignore foot corns:
Ignoring corns will only worsen their condition as more and more skin will grow around the corn pushing it deeper into your foot.It will not only be painful but also make it difficult to remove the corn.

How to treat foot corns
1. The first step in treating foot corns is to get rid of the pressure.Feet bear the entire weight of the body so wear comfortable shoes that let your feet,especially your toes,breath as well as reduce the pressure on your foot.

2. Foot corn treatment options like corn paint,or plasters will only treat the corn but not tackle the root cause of the problem.Also there are chances that the acid on these plasters can damage the healthy skin around the corn.When the corn comes out,the healthy skin might also tear off leaving feet sore and tender.

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3. You can ease the discomfort caused by corns by a few simple remedies like soaking feet in warm water and epsom salt for five minutes.The water should be warm never hot as hot water makes the skin dry.After soaking feet for about five minutes,apply soap and scrub the affected area with a soft pumice stone.The dead skin will soften and eventually come out.

4. Applying a lanolin-enriched lotion frequently will also soften the foot corn Some people try to to cut out the corn with sharp objects like blades or knives.Strictly avoid doing this.In all probability,you’ll end up injuring the healthy skin around the corn.It could also lead to infections as you might be damaging instead of remedying the situation.Corns that are open and discharge pus or a clear fluid need immediate attention from a podiatrist.

5. Diabetics,people suffering from artheroscelorosis and circulatory problems should never try treating a corn by themselves as they run a risk of infection.If the corn is overlying over a bony prominence,then it will need to be surgically removed in a process called Wedge Resection.

6. Another alternative to to surgically remove the corn is this.Soak feet in water to soften the skin and then cut the hardened skin with a fine,surgical blade.Apply a solution of salicylic acid and lactic acid only on the corn.This should be done continuously for 10-15 days.Ask your doctor to cut the skin as amateurs might cut off healthy skin resulting in infections and complications.

7.If nothing works visit a podiatrist,instead of trying to cure your corn by yourself and ending up doing more damage than remedying the situation.

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