Ibs medication, IBS cure, IBS relief..Natural remedy for IBS

There is no permanent cure for IBS. But then IBS is not really harmful to your life. Your doctor will be able to prescribe medicines that can decrease IBS symptoms. Depending upon the symptoms of IBS, medicines for IBS is prescribed:

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If pain or discomfort in the abdomen is the problem for your IBS, you will be prescribed anti-spasmodic medicines to reduce the cramping feeling. Dicylomine(brand names Bentyl) and Hyoscyamine(Brand names: Cystospaz, Anaspaz and Levsin) is useful to reduce colon spasm(under medical prescription only).

If the pain is due to diarrhea, your doctor may prescribe medicines like loperamide (brand name: Imodium). You may be also prescribed anti-depressants if your IBS conditions are severe and making you depressed.

However prevention is better than cure and the same goes for IBS too. Here are some tips to help you with controlling IBS:

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  1. Drink a lot of water
  2. Eat nutritious and healthy food, rather than junk food
  3. Instead of three big meals a day, eat six smaller meals. It works and controls your bowel movements.
  4. Do not use laxatives often because they make your intestines weak and you become mentally dependent on them.
  5. Focus your mind on other things to deal with stress. Meditate, read, exercise, play and keep yourself busy so that you are not dominated by stress.

Natural remedy for IBS:

  1. Chewing a ginger crystal after meals is helpful for both nausea as well IBS.
  2. Use coconut in your food, cook with coconut oil or drink coconut water to soothe your digestive system and fight IBS.
  3. Mint tea proves to be a good relief against IBS. Mint tea is quick and temporary relief.
  4. Drink lime juice with no sugar also helps to get relief from IBS.
  5. Peppermint oil is an effective remedy for IBS.
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  1. Interesting..Drinking a lot of water can also help treat irritable bowel syndrome.

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