Ideal Weight for Women by Age and Height

Maintaining the ideal weight for women by age and height is something that a lot of women are interested in. Achieving the ideal weight means more than just being in shape, but it also signifies being far from health risks that come with being underweight or overweight. Learning about the ideal weight for women by age and height is also conducive for a successful weight loss program.

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The ideal weight for women by age and height differs from one woman to another due to the fact the each woman is different, from the amount of muscles they have to sizes of their bones.

How important is it for women to meet their ideal weight based on their height and age?

Women are naturally conscious not only of their looks but concerning their health as well. Achieving the ideal weight for women by age and height is important to them because it brings the following benefits.

  • Prevents certain diseases and conditions such as hypertension, intestinal diseases, heart diseases, high cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Helps make medical treatments more effective.
  • Boosts a woman’s feeling of self-worth.
  • Learning to eat and live healthy.

Getting the right or healthy weight for a woman is essential to help her live happily, longer.

The role of BMI in calculating a woman’s ideal weight by age and height

There is no standard ideal weight for women by age and height because their bodies differ significantly. However, the body mass index (BMI) chart will give the numbers that are close to the ideal weight based on the respective age and height. A healthy BMI range should be anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9. When a woman registers a BMI value of 25 or higher, she is considered overweight and a BMI value of 30 or greater is already categorized as obese. Women whose BMI values fall on 40 or higher, are considered as morbidly obese. Meanwhile, a BMI value below 18.5 is classified as underweight.

How can a woman know her ideal weight using the BMI values?

The BMI values are the most effective chart for ideal weight for women by age and height because they provide the numerical value that is close to the healthy weight of a woman. The minimum ideal weight can be calculated by multiplying 18.5 to the square of her height (in inches) and divided by 703. Calculating the maximum ideal weight is done by simply multiplying 24.9 to the square of her height (in inches) and divided by 703.

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What does it mean when the weight does not correspond to the age and height?

A woman is at risk of facing the serious consequences of being overweight or underweight. Being overweight meansthe woman is more prone to developing a number of medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, depression, gall bladderdisease, arthritis, high cholesterol and even premature death. On the other hand, underweight women may also face problems such as infertility and amenorrhea. They may also suffer from malnourishment, weak immune system, poor memory, declining muscle strength and even osteoarthritis among older women.

What can help females achieve the ideal weight for women by age and height?

Achieving the ideal weight for women by age and height involves doing everything they can to keep their healthy weight. This can be done by doing the following things:

  • Healthy diet

This involves eating balanced and nutritious meals that contain all of the foods in three food groups. Eating a healthy diet also entails reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods or replacing them with their nutritious counterparts.

  • Keep away from fad diet

Fad diets only lead to intense desire of certain types of foods resulting to food binging. Fatty and high calorie content foods should be consumed in moderation.

  • Watching the calorie intake

Monitoring the amount of calories taken into the body is important not only during a weight loss program, but even after the program as this helps in maintaining the ideal weight for women by age and height. Maintaining the ideal weight involves making sure that the calories consumed must be equal to the calories that are burned.

  • Regular exercise

Maintaining the healthy weight for women will be a success if it is accompanied by physical activity or exercise. Swimming, jogging or walking are some forms of exercises a woman can get into regularly. Aside from maintaining healthy weight, regular exercise also helps in preventing heart diseases.

  • Maintaining proper eating and exercise routine

Achieving and maintaining the ideal weight involves following a proper eating and exercise regime. This not only helps in keeping in shape but in maintaining good health as well.

The ideal weight for women by age and height is a useful guideline for any woman who wants to be healthy and in shape. There is no fixed value for a healthy weight as each woman is different. Achieving and maintaining the ideal weight for women is done by eating the right kinds of foods having regular exercises.

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