Ingrown hair at bikini line

Ingrown hair at bikini line is not only embarrassing to discuss with health care providers or beauticians but it is also usually irritating. Ingrown hair can be caused due to waxing, shaving hair, tweezing etc. Ingrown hair is a hair that grown back in the wrong direction which causes irritation. These hairs may also lead to infection, especially in case when you use hair removal methods such as shaving or effective chemicals more repeatedly before allowing the area to heal. Ingrown hair at bikini line is also difficult to manage when it irritate at public places, meeting etc. These hairs have propensity to crop up to tender skin around the bikini line and also upper thighs.

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There are various prevention methods that may help in preventing these hairs from growing. Prevention is anytime better than all the efforts that you put later to get rid of these hairs. This can be done by exfoliating before shaving or during shower, using loofa or appropriate body scrub. This is effective perhaps because it keeps the pores open. One should avoid using harsh chemicals through creams or lotion after removing hairs, for at least four to six hours; using such creams may also clog your skin pores. It is not at all suggested to use toner or aftershave solution at sensitive skin regions such as bikini line etc. Incase you notice that any particular region of your body is always affected with ingrown hair try using a different technique than what you usually adopt for removing hairs. It is suggested by some people that ingrown hair appear due to use of epilator.

It is widely believed that one of the most effective techniques to remove hair is by using appropriate hair removal cream even for ingrown hair at bikini line. This method is highly preferred because it is pain free as well as it is easiest way of removing hair. Moreover, if we choose the right product there are chances that you may not regain your ingrown hair back. There are some efficacious products that are not only effective in removing hairs, but also contain inhibiters that can slow down the growth of hair and make the hair thinner when they grow. Some of the possible prevention methods are explained below.

Prevention of ingrown hair at bikini line:

Shaving:- Though shaving is a way to get rid of ingrown hairs, it is not the best preferred method to get rid of such hair. When you shave, ensure that it is done properly; try to avoid shaving pubic hair area. It is rather better to trim the pubic area using a trimmer or pull the hair away from the body with safety measures. Use warm water to soften your pubic hair or shaving cream that have the same effect incase you wish to shave it. Remember that some people may be allergic to shaving cream; hence performing a patch test prior to applying the new product is suggested. To perform a patch test you should first apply little solution on your forearm and observe the effect. If you find no reactions of the cream on the skin, then the shaving cream is safe for use. One needs to be very careful while shaving ingrown hair at bikini line as this area has sensitive skin.

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Maintaining the pubic or bikini line area:

If you usually face itching often post shaving your hair at personal region, then witch hazel may be beneficial. Witch hazel is effective in providing relief from itchiness as well as irritation that is caused due to shaving. One can also use pure Aloe Vera products which are synthesized with 99% of Aloe Vera. This will help in healing as well as moisturizing your shaved skin. It is widely known that Aloe Vera is a natural skin balm as well as an effective antiseptic.


Exfoliation is considered to be an effective technique wherein dead skin cells are removed. This helps in removing any hair which is trapped in hair follicle. One can utilize a loofa as well as synthetic spounge and gently scrub the pubic area or the area which contain ingrown hair at the bikini line. You may find effective exfoliation products in the market particularly at pharmaceutical vendors. Ensure that your exfoliation products may include salicylic or glycolic acid. Even in case of exfoliation products you should do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the product.

Appropriate clothing:

In order to prevent ingrown hair at bikini line, it is essential to avoid wearing skin fit or tight clothes, rather prefer loose fit clothes. Tight clothes create chafing as well as constant abrasion that forces hair against its growth causing ingrown hair at pubic area.


This option helps you to eradicate the need of shaving your pubic hair frequently. This in turn reduces your chance of growing ingrown hair. The technique functions by diluting the protein in the hair making the hair disintegrated. When this happens, one can just wipe the hairs away to get rid of it. This technique is preferred as it takes approximately three to six weeks for the hair to re-grow as well as the hair that grows is much thinner.

Avoid Waxing:

There are some people who may prefer to do waxing for ingrown hair at bikini line. This should be avoided even if you are strong enough to bare the pain. This in fact is not a way to prevent ingrown hair, but broken hair under the skin may stimulate the growth of ingrown hair.

It is suggested to stop shaving if you presently have ingrown hair at bikini line, at least until the issue is solved. The best suitable option is to use exfoliation products to gently exfoliate the area. You may have to visit health care centre to take sauna bath, which may open up the pores of the area and release the hair which was trapped in hair follicle. Then using a tweezers get rid of remaining hair and sooth the area with application of pure Aleo Vera product. Then avoid all possible factors that may lead to ingrown hair at bikini line.

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