Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

What is Iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment technique in which ionized drugs is sent through low electrical current, to penetrate through the skin. It is used to treat sweating that occurs at various parts of the body, including sweaty palms.   If you have used antiperspirant sprays without much success, then Iontophoresis can be a good treatment option. In fact, the  American Academy of Dermatology has stated that the Iontophoresis can treat nearly 83 percent of excessive sweating cases.

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Sweating is of course, a natural, healthy process to regulate body temperature. But excess sweating or hyperhidrosis can happen due to hot weather, stress or due to any particular reason.  Hyperhidrosis can happen in various places in the body like hands, feet, under-arms, face, torso or the entire body. The odor can also be repulsive and embarrassing.

When Iontophoresis is used to treat excess sweating; the electrical charge and mineral particles in the water, work to thicken the top layer of the skin; epidermis. This helps in controlling profuse sweating and sweat does not reach the surface area of the skin. The results can be seen within one week of the therapy

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Iontophoresis Benefits

The benefits of Iontophoresis is as under:
1.    Painless, non-invasive way to treat hyperhidrosis.
2.    No risk of infection, no side-effects
3.    Since the affected area is treated with mild electrical impulses, there is therapeutic benefit also
4.    No risk of burns or shock
5.    The treatment is incredibly precise as the medication moves through the specific tissues and treats the area
6.    Dosage of medicine is controlled by knowing how much electrical impulses to be passed on.

How does  Iontophoresis  treat Hyperhidrosis?

The sympathetic nervous system regulates our sweating. This system translates into excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) at certain areas of the body such as palms, feet, face, toes and underarms.  You may have to use antiperspirants regularly and the result is temporary. The drugs that are sold in the market may have side-effects. But Iontophoresis is painless and has no side-effects. The treatment lasts for a good, few weeks and you may have to repeat for prolonged results. You can also do Iontophoresis at home, you just have to get the iontophoretic device and mix tap water for treating hyperhidrosis.
First, you should make sure that you have hyperhidrosis. See hyperhidrosis symptoms.  If there is excessive sweating on the palms, feet andother parts of the body, you should let your doctor know and he or she may conclude that it is hyperhidrosis.  The treatment lasts for half an hour, during the first few visits. The time taken decreases with every subsequent session.

Iontophoresis side effects

One has not seen any side-effect associated with Iontophoresis. But it is better to go through the guidelines of the physical therapist and the manufacturer’s advice so that you can prevent yourself from mild burns or shocks. Again, these are mild painless burns.

Who should avoid Iontophoresis?

Hyperhidrosis patients who use cardiac pacemakers, individuals with metal or orthopedic implants and pregnant women should avoid iontophoresis treatment. Also make sure that you keep your eyes at a safe distance during the course of the therapy. Do not use it  on injured or wounded skin.  A physical therapist can actually help you in treating hyperhidrosis correctly.

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