Is Laser Tattoo removal safe or painful?

Is laser tattoo removal painful or safe? Can laser really remove permanent tattoo?
Yes, Laser tattoo removal is a safe treatment and there are very less complications which can be in the form of hypopigmentation or white spots on the dark skin or hyperpigmentation dark spots on the skin in rare cases. The pain in laser tattoo removal can be equated withhot oil being poured on the skin. Since the Q-switch laser fires 10 pulses per sec, the pain may be moderate. The location and the size of the tattoo can also have a bearing on the pain of tattoo removal.  The physicians often give topical anesthetic creams or anesthetic solution injections to manage the pain.
Check out the laser tattoo removal before and after pictures: 

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Laser tattoo removal apart from removing tattoos will also removes the mindset that tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed. However, it is a costly proposition and the pain and cost of removing tattoos can be greater than applying them in the first place.  The laser tattoo removal in present times is done with the help of non-invasive method by using Q-switched lasers.  It has been seen that dark colored and black colored inks can be gotten rid of easily.  Before laser, tattoos were removed with methods like salabrasion(scrubbing skin surface with salt), excision(biopsy)0, cryosurgery(application of extreme cold) and dermasion.
 When using laser tattoo removal, what really happens is that these lasers mix with the ink in the tattoo and cause them to break down. The ink that is broken down is then soaked up by the body. Since tattoo pigments have particular light amalgamation spectrum, the laser has to emit enough energy within the particular spectrum of the pigment to provide the most effective treatment.  It is challenging to remove tattoo pigments that are made with colors like fluorescent inks, greens and yellows.
How many laser tattoo removal treatment sessions I should go for?

How many sessions do I have to take for permanent laser tattoo removal

 For total tattoo removal, one may have to for multiple treatment sessions, that may be spaced at  least 6 weeks apart. After each session, only a few of the tattoo pigment particles are fragmented well. One cannot place a number on the amount of tattoo removal sessions you have to for total removal. However,  one can say that the tattoos that are on the forearm and the ankle take the longest time.  Also the factors that influence this include skin type, skin color, ink intensity, scarring, and layering of the tattoo. There was a predictive scale called  Kirby Desai scale made to find out the number of treatment sessions need for total and permanent laser tattoo removal when one is using the industry standard Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser

Costs of laser tattoo removal treatment

The average laser tattoo removal cost can be between $200 to $500 per treatment session. The price is reliant on quite a lot of factors, including the type and area of the tattoo, and the expertise and training of the surgeon.

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