Itchy Armpits Causes, Itchy Underarm Rash

For Itchy armpits with rash or no rash; treatment can be done, once we take care of the causes. Itchy underarms are usually embarrassing and most people may not even want to speak about the subject. But people, who are suffering from chronic armpit issues such as itchiness, will find it beneficial to obtain expert advice or ways in which the problem can be cured. There are more than one causes of itchy armpit. Itchy armpit is not a serious problem; it can be prevented and treated as well.

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Lack of Hygiene

It is obvious that lack of cleanliness is on of the most common reasons for itchy armpits. Armpits should be washed on regular basis and appropriately. This will avert the chances of accumulation of dirt and sweat. When natural bacteria from the body combine with accumulated sweat and dirt, it may lead to odor and itchiness. The solution for this is quite simple and easy to practice; you just need to wash your armpits well while taking bath on regular basis. You can use water and soap to wash away grime.

Preventing excess sweating:

Some people have the problem of excess sweat as compared to others. It is known that excessive sweating often leads to irritations and itches around the armpit. One can easily prevent heavy sweating by using cosmetic products such as talcum or by wearing light clothes during summer of moderate temperate. Talcum may help in keeping your body dry.

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Yeast Infection:

Every individual produces some amount of candida albicans on the surface of their skin. Candida albicans is a kind of yeast is present on the body due to natural process. Through the course of time the amount of candida may increase and this may cause itchiness of armpit. There are certain medical malfunctions that may lead to excess yeast, these conditions may include aids, cancer diabetes etc. Patients who are also undergoing chemotherapy are at risk of developing such infectious yeast. There are other such factors that may add to the list of causes of candida albicans, these may include excessive exposure to heat, corpulence, poor hygiene and skin fit attires designed out of synthetic fabric.

In most cases candida albican is curable through medicines for yeast infection like anti-fungal cream; however it is better to prevent such yeast from developing then trying to cure it later. In case if obesity is the cause of diagnosed candida albican then along with the medicines losing weight may help in controlling the condition. In addition to wearing light clothes such as cotton clothing during hot weather, applying baby powder can help in dealing with the condition.

Itchy Armpits with Rashes:

Some reactions caused due to allergies may also cause armpit itches. Armpit is a body region which is prone to such rashes, especially rashes caused by heat. It is obvious that armpit itches may be irresistible due to severe itching, but it is best to avoid harshly scratching the area. Harsh scratches may provide you some relief from the itches instantly, but it may maturate the condition as well. Instead use efficient medications to get relief from such itches; try to consult a doctor which may prove to be beneficial in case of itchy armpits.

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