Itchy Belly Button and Causes

Itchy belly button may be a common issue with most people. Belly button is a bodily region which is moist and warm and most germs such as fungi prefer such body regions for the growth and development. Perhaps, this is the reason why belly button is at higher risk of microbial infections. Hence, itchy belly button may indicate prevalence of infections. However, there may be other factors that may cause such itchiness of the belly button.  Some of the common factors and their treatments are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

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Causes of itchy belly button:

Itchy belly button may also be experienced due to dryness caused by the atmosphere; in such a case the belly button region loses its moisture and causes itchy sensation. This may be usually seen during winter season as you adopt too many ways to keep your room warm and cozy. In some cases infections and itches are caused by debris that gets accumulated in the belly button. Such irritation may also be caused due to candidiasis which is type of yeast infection.

Due to such infections the cells present at the belly button produces pus like discharge.  This is one of the reasons why you may experience itchy belly button. There are possibilities of occurrence of skin hives which may add to the list of factors stimulating itchy belly button. Similarly, eczema may also lead to similar irritation at the belly button.

Itchy belly button piercing is also a common thing because it can rub with the tender skin there and due to sweat and moisture, it can lead to itching.

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In some cases even contact dermatitis may cause itchy belly button trigger. Such dermatitis may be caused due to harsh soap and body lotion.  There are possibilities that some smelly discharge may also cause itchiness of the navel. On the other hand pregnant females may experience such issues due to stretched skin that causes itchy bellybutton.

Home remedies for itchy belly button

Itchy belly button may go away with time. This is due to immune system of the body that provides relief from the itching sensation with the help of WBC or white blood cell.  In order to enhance such natural phenomenon of curing itchy belly button, you need to ensure that your immune system is perfect and protective. It is obvious that healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet and exercises will not only enhance your immune system but will also prevent such issues from taking place.

However, there are some ways which can be beneficial in improving the condition. First and foremost it is essential to resist from scratching the itchy belly button as this may lead to more scratching.. Try keeping you bellybutton clean but do not apply harsh chemicals, soap or body lotions on the affected region to avoid the condition from worsening. Salt water may serve as a perfect option to remove the dirt  or infection of micro organism. Try to avert the use of cream and lotions. After consulting a certified doctor you may take anti-fungal medications or antibiotic to stop the condition from developing further.  In case if itchy belly button experienced by pregnant females, cocoa butter is said to be beneficial.
In any kind of itchy sensation it is wise to consult a doctor and obtain expert advice. Before adopting any kind of treatment it is essential to understand the cause of the itchy belly button.

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