Itchy Breasts Causes, Itchy Breasts During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Let us find out the causes of itchy breasts and treatment. This can not only be irritating but it is also embarrassing for females to scratch their bust area in public, especially at social meets like an office-meeting or even at a date. Sometimes, it is also the dress that causes itch at the breast, and this is not at all a matter of concern. Though itchy breast may be infrequent, it may be an issue if it persists for sometime.

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Causes of itchy breasts:

• As mentioned above, the bra and the clothes that are worn can cause itchy breast. There are also chances of allergic reactions caused by the fabric of the undergarment or dress, such reactions are also known as contact dermatitis. Also if the cloth is extremely tight and does not allow ventilation, your breast may start itching. Also women who apply deodorants and other cosmetics directly on their breast skin may also suffer from such irritation.

• Breast itch before period is also common. Itching of the breast may also be due to ongoing hormonal changes, such as hormonal changes before the occurrence of your periods. Tenderness of breast or swelling is considered as premenstrual symptoms; likewise, itchy breast may also be such a symptom in some young females and also sometimes in adult women.

• Itchy breasts may be experienced post surgical treatment such as mastectomy or breast enhancement. Such itches may ebb away with time; however, it is essential to see a doctor and check if it is normal. In case of breast enhancement surgery, it may be the stretched breasts skin that causes such itchy breast.

• Itchy breasts may also be experienced due to reactions from drugs. The condition may also arise due to allergic reaction to certain medicinal ingredient which is perhaps synthesized in any medication that you are taking for other acute or chronic issue.

There are other more serious issues related to itchy breasts which may include fungus which are usually seen under the breast or also at the sides. There are certain disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis etc, which may also cause itchy sensation. Lactating females are prone to infection of breast which is known as mastitis that may start with itchiness and cracks visible on breast nipples.

Itchy Breasts During Pregnancy

Itchy breasts during pregnancy is also common during those nine months. During the course of pregnancy, there are various changes within a woman’s body, her breasts begin to change shape, the skin quality changes, there is weight gains etc. Breast size and shape change is quite common during pregnancy, in fat during the early months, the breasts may feel sore with more itchy sensation around the nipple. Itchy breast during pregnancy means they are getting ready to give milk to the baby, after delivery.

To treat itchy breasts during pregnancy, a woman can apply a moisturizing lotion or cream to reduce the uncomfortable sensation. Almond oil, olive oil and cocoa butter are also recommended. One should apply these creams or oils on any area of the skin that causes irritation, massage it properly to increase the circulation of blood in these areas. Massaging the cream or lotion is more effective than just rubbing the cream because it can not only hydrate the skin but also increase the suppleness of the skin. It is better to apply these creams right after coming out of the bath for better absorption.

. This is not always the case as one’s breasts can itch for a variety of reasons. Some woman’s breasts start to itch when they are menstruating. Other women may be suffering from excessive dryness of skin which can lead to itchy breasts. One way to combat itchy breasts due to dry skin is to have a bath with an oatmeal soak. Oatmeal has properties that are beneficial in reducing the itching of one’s skin. One can even try using some coconut oil as a lubricant to be massaged into the breast skin. Itchy breasts early pregnancy can be a very uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience for a woman. Some doctors may prescribe a topical treatment to deal with this condition of itching skin if normal moisturizing does not help.

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Although itchy breasts are not a serious problem even during pregnancy, they can lead to a lot of discomfort. Hence it is only natural for women to look for a solution that can help reduce itchy breasts during pregnancy. The first thing to do is to stop applying any powder on the skin, as that could lead to further dryness and aggravate the problem. Hot showers also dry the skin out, making the itchiness worse. Hence, it is best to take a bath with lukewarm water and use a mild soap, which cannot irritate the skin. Tubing the skin vigorously should also worsen the problem of itchiness. Therefore, it is best to pat the skin dry gently, using a towel.

Hence pregnant women could check with their doctors and take an oatmeal bath, by soaking in a tub filled with oatmeal paste. Other women have also experienced relief from the problem, but applying coconut oil on the skin.

Pregnant women can reduce the itching problem, by dressing in the right manner. It is best to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing, which will not irritate the skin. Most pregnant women are advised to wear cotton clothing, especially if they need to go out during the day. Synthetic material should be avoided by them.

Treatment for itchy breasts

1.       If itchy breast is caused due to clothing, then perhaps it is your laced bra that causes such itchiness, especially at the nipples. Hence, always wear soft , ventilated bra of light fabric like cotton, rather than synthetic material.

2.       Do not use soaps, perfumes and body lotions that contains strong scents and chemicals, because they can cause itchiness to the breast. Use mild medicated soaps, of the non-scented varieties. Aquasoft is a good soap that you can go for; there is also a lotion by the same brand that you can apply after bathing.

3.       Search for patches and unusual boils or other such skin rashes. If any such signs are noticed then consult your family doctor. There are chances that such rashes have occurred due to harsh scrubbing of your breasts while taking bath. Use body sponges which are soft and gentle while you take shower. This will also eradicate dry skin.

4.       Itchy breast may be outcome of dry skin, hence after taking bath, apply mild moisturizers on your breast. Ensure that you pat dry the area well before you apply such moisturizers.

5.        It is essential to maintain hygiene.. Keep your breasts clean and dry so that is no room for fungal or bacterial infection.

6.       As mentioned above itchy breasts may be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, also abbreviated as PMS. There are medications such as topical anti-itching cream that are consisted of menthols and other ingredients.  It is better to find an ointment or cream which has medicinal strength lesser than or equal to 1%. In case ointment with 1% or lesser is not available then higher strength at the most 2% can be used but this may be harsh in some cases.

7.       There are chances that the itchy sensation on your breast may increase due to harshly scratching on the affected region, especially the lower edge of your boob. In such a case applying diaper rash lotion or other ointment such as Vaseline may provide relief and protect it until the condition is cured.

8.       Wearing a tight or irritating bra may also lead to itchy breasts; hence, try to give your breasts some break. Do not wear a bra if you are at home and allow your breasts to breathe a little. This will not harm you at all, in fact it will be little relieving.

9.       You can also apply coconut oil to relieve the itch; it can also work good for massaging and blood circulation in the area, as you pamper them.

10.    Wash your bra daily, this is a piece of clothing that comes in close contact with the breasts and if you are using a perfume or if you are travel under the sun, the perspiration can lead to bacterial growth.  The detergent that you use to wash your bra should be mild and non-irritating.

11.    Choosing the right size of bra can also go a long way in preventing itchy breast.  The cup size should fit like a glove, not too tight to suffocate them or too large that can lead to sagging breasts. Read more about how to choose a bra for sagging breasts.

12.    An oatmeal bath can be very helpful In relieving breast itch.

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