Itchy Elbow

Itchy elbow is nothing but unusual itchy sensation in the elbow. In most cases itchiness of elbow is temporary and generally not a matter of concern if it persists for few seconds or minutes. But these temporary and benign conditions are much different compared to severe itchy elbow that may be caused due to other serious preexisting physical conditions. There are chances that an itchy elbow may also be a formidable sign of forthcoming possible physical issues such as infection. Hence, one should not take elbow itch lightly especially when they are persistent and bothering.

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There are several factors or physical conditions that may lead to itchy elbow. This article evolves around some to the possible factors that may lead to itchiness of elbow. These factors may include:

Xerotic eczema:

Xerotic eczema is a chronic condition related to skin. This condition is characterized by dry patches visible on the skin. Xerotic eczema usually occurs due environmental conditions such as winter wherein the humidity in air low; this causes the skin to turn dry and flaky. This is one of the reasons why a person may feel itchiness at elbow due to dehydrated skin around elbow.

Atopic dermatitis:

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic physical conditions related to skin. In this condition the skin becomes extremely sensitive to numerous substances. In this skin issues the affected individuals may suffer from itchiness, inflammation, blisters, rashes, redness on the skin, etc. There are fair chances that one may experience itchy elbow even due to atopic dermatitis.

The condition is also associated with allergies and may also include abnormal functioning of immune system as well as inappropriate response to the environment. Atopic dermatitis is also referred to as atopic eczema; eczema is one of the forms of dermatitis.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis is characterized by inflammation of skin which is caused due to direct exposure or direct contact with allergen or irritant. Contact dermatitis is characterized by inflammation, itchiness, blisters and redness etc. The conditions may also cause burning sensation in some cases. It should be known that the condition is not contagious and is not solely dangerous but it may cause itchy elbow.


It is one of the common causes of itchiness experienced at elbow. There are many factors that may cause infection at elbow. Infections are usually caused due to harmful bacteria. This condition is characterized by itchiness, irritations, blisters etc. If infection has its influence on the elbow, then there are high chances that it may be the reason for itchy elbow.


Infestation is referred to a physical condition wherein parasites or other harmful pathogens invades the body and cases physical issues. These parasites dwell on the host, in this case a human being who suffers itchy elbow due to such invasion. One kind of infestation includes Ectoparasitic infestation such as Head- louse infestation and tick infestation etc. Incase of arthropod parasites, the infestation is external as they dwell on the surface of the body but may sometime penetrate in to the body. On the other worms that causes infestation internally in the body.

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Obstructive biliary disease:

This disease is a condition wherein bile ducts that carries bile away from the liver into digestive system or gall bladder are blocked or obstructed. There are several physical conditions that cause obstruction to such bile ducts and may include tumors, infections, inflammation of bile ducts, gallstones or traumatic injury to bile ducts. It is believed that such condition may lead to itchiness even at the elbow.

Chronic renal failure:

Chronic renal failure or chronic kidney disease is a condition wherein the functioning of kidney is hindered or it may even stop working. This causes excess and waste water to retain in the bloodstream and removal of such excess liquid is not done appropriately. People afflicted with diabetes mellitus and hypertension are more susceptible to chronic renal failure, but it may affect others as well. It is believed that 0.2% of the entire population in US is affected with chronic renal failure that means it is recorded in 2 individuals out of 1000 people.


Malignancy is a condition wherein any medical issue becomes progressive and resistant. The reason why malignancy is considered as a factor itchy elbow is because, this condition may advance and cause itchiness of elbows which initially may not be experienced. For example any infection at the elbow may not have itchy sensation at the elbow initially but due to malignancy, the medication may not be effective in alleviating the condition and progressed stage of this infection may lead to elbow itch.


It is also due to medications that such itchy sensation may be felt at the elbow. Itchy elbow may be one of the side effects of medication, may it be orally administrative drug, intravenous medication or lotion.

Diabetes mellitus:

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that has its influence on the ability of the body to regulate and use the glucose (or sugar) for producing energy in the body. When any food item is imbibed into the abdomen, the pancreas located in upper region of the abdomen secrets hormone insulin that is responsible for moving glucose to the cells from the bloodstream. Incase of diabetes mellitus either the pancreas is not functioning appropriately or the insulin in not addressed by the cells.

Cholestasis disease of pregnancy:

It is a condition related to liver that happens usually during the last stage of pregnancy. Similar to obstructive biliary disease, even in case of cholestasis, the bile flow out of the liver and into the gall bladder is impaired due to increased level of hormone due to pregnancy. This causes the bile acid to build up within the organ and enters into the blood streams. This physical issue may be resolved after the delivery of the baby. The chief symptom of this condition is itchiness; this is the reason why itchy elbow may be experienced by the affected pregnant lady.

These are some of the several factors that may cause itchy elbow. It should be known that such itchiness may be serious hence if it persists for a long time, it should be treated immediately.  Treatment of elbow itch is done addressing the causes that are aforementioned.

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