Itchy Navel and Causes

Itchy navel can be due to many reasons. The navel is a part of the body that is warm, moist and can be a place for fungi to proliferate. Itchy navel is at greater risk of infection compared to other parts of the body. Many of us experience this problem at some time or the other. Though in most cases, it may be due to triggering of some allergy and goes away on its own, in some cases, they stay and can indicate an underlying problem.

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Causes of itchy navel

1. The navel can lose its moisture and become dry at times, especially in the winter season when you make your surroundings cozy and warm. The navel ith can happen due to debris that are collected in the belly button and not cleaned. The irritation can also be due to candidiasis, a kind of yeast infection.

2. Contact dermatitis is also a cause of itchy navel. Harsh lotions, soaps and the belly button ring or piercing can also cause infection. All this can lead to smelly discharge from the belly button. Pregnant women can experience itchy navel due to skin being stretched

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3. Due to some of the above infections, a pus type discharge can be secreted from the body. Skin hives are also aother reason for itching in the navel

4.  Eczema is also a major cause for itchy belly button. If the region is dry, it can result in itching and cause various types of eczema.

Home remedies for itchy navel

If you experience itching in the navel, in usual cases, it can go away in time because the body’s strong immune system can cope with it. However, you have to make your immune system strong enough to do so. This can be done by following a healthy diet and exercises that can strengthen your immunity.

One of the most important things is to resist scratching the area. Keep your navel clean but use a mild, medicate soap and not the ones that contain harsh chemicals. If you have contact dermatitis or if there is pus coming from there, see a doctor who will give a suitable anti-fungal or antibiotic treatment. Salt water is also a good natural remedy to cleanse the navel off dirt and debris that collect there. For pregnant women, cocoa butter can be quite useful. Most importantly, keep the area clean and you will not get itchy navel.

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