Itchy Nose-Causes

Itchy nose is one of the unexplained phenomena in life. Yes, it might sound insignificant but wait until hearing grandma speak of it. They say if one has an itchy nose, he must be careful as ‘a fool is about to kiss him’. Itchy nose can also predict the visitors you’ll have. Expect a female visitor if it’s the right side, and a male visitor if the left.

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These are just a few of the hundreds of old wives’ tales scattered around the globe. These are fun and interesting stories of seemingly ordinary objects. However, come to think of it, why does one experience an itchy nose for almost no reason at all?

How does nose itch happen?

Most common people are suffering from itchy nose and they don’t even notice it! This is quite a common condition but still remains a mystery. Studies have been made regarding it however results are still inconclusive. Here are some of the known reasons for having an itchy nose.

Itchy nose is also referred to as nasal pruritus. It is an unexplained sensation that sits between a normal sensation and pain. It is a feeling of discomfort that urges scratching. The C fibers are nerve endings that respond to itch stimulus. These are scattered throughout the body. Itchy nose can be due to common colds, allergy or lack of humidity. There is also a study that itchy nose can be caused by an internal condition.

Although this is still not proven, itchy nose has been connected to brain tumors. However, no one has passed any substantial report about it. There is still no specific medication or treatment for the condition but itchy nose can then be treated depending on the reason it is believed to arise from.

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Itchy Nose Causes

One reason for having an itchy nose is the common cold. The common cold is a viral infection affecting the upper respiratory system and causes nasal irritation and itchiness. The best cure for colds is rest and lots of Vitamin C. Ginger can also alleviate most of the symptoms including itchy nose. Gargling warm water relieves stuffiness thus lessening the irritation. Although medication for colds can easily be bought over the counter, it is best to stay away from decongestants and rubs.

Itchy nose can also be brought about by allergies. As one comes in contact with a certain allergen, the body detects a threat. It will then cause the release of histamine to battle the allergens. However, this would cause the body system to be on overdrive causing redness, itchiness and even breathing difficulty. This is best treated with anti-histamines.

Another reason is less humidity of the surrounding air. This can cause dryness and eventually irritation of the nasal passages. This type of nose itch can be cured by using humidifiers and warm sterile saline nasal irrigation.

Lastly, itchy nose can be caused by certain foods. Soy sauce, red wine, beer, matured cheese and seafood are histamine-containing foods. This means they would cause more allergic reactions. Also, eating hot and spicy foods increases blood flow to the nose. This will then cause runny and itchy nose.

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