Itchy Scrotum, Itchy Crotch

Itchy scrotum or itchy crotch in men and women is a common thing.  It happens more in males though due to the fact that there bacteria is trapped around the scrotum sac and legs. It is particularly seen during the warmer months of the year or when the humidity level is high.  Here is how you can prevent and treat itchy crotch

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Cause for itchy scrotum or crotch

Excessive sweating around the area that can trigger bacterial infection, leading to itching. Due to moisture build up and less exposure to air, bacteria get clogged in the area leading to an inducement to scratch.

Treatment for Itchy Scrotum

1.       Remove the hair that is growing around there. Read about ingrown pubic hair removal.

2.        Do not wear tight underwear or pants

3.        You can check with your doctor who will find out if it is a fungal infection or jock itch.

4.       Do not apply strong deodorants or wash your pants or underwear with strong detergents.

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5.       Your doctor will ask you to wash the area with mild, medicated soap like Aquasoft

6.       Avoid synthetic underwear and go for the loose, cotton versions as well as pants.

7.       Keep your nails clipped short so that you do not break the skin during the itch. Most importantly resist the itch.

8.       Apply tea tree oil to scrotum area where it itches. This is a very effective natural remedy for itchy scrotum. You can also apply honey or oatmeal. Apply honey directly on the area twice a day and leave it for about an hour before rinising it off.

9.       Your diet can also reduce the itch. Increase garlic in the diet and reduce intake of fried foods and carbohydrates.

10.  Your dermatologist may give a good skin cream that can relieve the itch that has mild corticosteroids. She can also suggest you to apply Neosporin antibiotic powder to treat the itch.

Itchy Crotch in Women

Apart from the humidity, lack of hygiene and too much hair down there, there can be other causes like yeast infection causing itchy crotch in women.

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