Jennifer Lopez diet-What does Jennifer Lopez eat?

Jennifer Lopez’s butt is insurance-worthy by itself; her figure is flattering, a testimony to her good diet, adherence to fitness and disciplined lifestyle.  Let us look at what Jennifer Lopez eats, her diet plan

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Breakfast Pancakes, fresh blueberries, turkey sausage and some maple syrup.

Lunch Fish and steamed vegetables.

Dinner Roasted Brussels sprouts with pork.

Snack Fresh salad with mozzarella cheese.

Dessert Chocolate brownie. [source: Us Weekly)

After pregnancy, Jennifer Lopez lost weight in just 5 weeks.  What is the secret, huh?  She says that is the food delivery service that sends her nutritious food.  Also considering that she has two kids, Jennifer says that she has twice the feeding to do, twice the diaper changes and twice sitting up in the middle of the night; which means lots of running around.

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Jennifer Lopez’s exercise plan is nice for those who are not inclined to spending time in the gym and are not looking for a toned, but curvy body.  In fact, Jennifer Lopez does a lot of cardio-exercises. She does running, boxing, walking backwards on a treadmill on an incline. She works out for an hour daily, four days a week. For strength training. The gorgeous actress does her squats, lunges and bicycle crunches. Here are cellulite butt exercises of Jennifer Lopez

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