Jessica Biel Diet Plan-What does Jessica Biel eat?

The owner of one of the best butt in Hollywood, Jessica Biel and her diet are talked about as an inspiration. Jessica’s amazing figure is attributed to some great choice of foods and a disciplined lifestyle. Now, there are many women who would give anything to have a body like hers. But what does she do, what does Jessica Biel eat to get a figure like this?

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She  had experimented with her share of fad diets till she found that she was really compromising on her health even though she lost weight. Then she found the simple magic: just eat sensibly six days a week and cheat on the seventh day.

Jessica Biel is right when she says, “Everything in moderation is the key. I love my food, I eat most of the time but then I make sure that I work out a lot. But then I eat very healthy, work out and cheat once a week. It is nice to go to fabulous restaurants, eat, enjoy it and have great wine. “
The 29 year old actress does admit that it is quite a task to be in shape, this from an actress who is supposed to have the best figure in Hollywood! We don’t know if Jessica is just trying to be modest when she says, “Everyone has areas that they’re not comfortable with; mine are my butt, thighs and legs.”

Jessica Biel’s diet

If you want to know what Jessica Biel eats and follow her diet, do the following

1. Eat three small healthy meals and three snacks daily for six days. Six meals a day optimizes your metabolism and you burn calories quickly. On the seventh day, you can eat your favorite food.

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2. Breakfast: Jessica eats oatmeal made with skimmed milk for breakfast. She also adds a pinch of cinnamon and diced apple. She downs it with orange juice. She also has a slice of whole-weat toast with a can of sardines in tomato sauce; and compliments it with apple juice. At other times, she has omlette with three egg whites mixed with tomatoes and follows it up with grapefruit juice.

3. Mid-morning snack: A handful of unsalted almonds or a banana does the trick for her.

4. Lunch: For Lunch, Jessica Biel has whole wheat pasta, chopped vegetables, four ounces of lean chicken. She also enjoys half baked potatoes served with corn and tuna. Salad dressing consists of green leaves mixed with lemon juice and some olive oil. Jessica Biel also digs ‘mixed bean salad’ consisting of celery, sliced peppers, lemon juice, teaspoon of olive oil and of course, 14 oz, can of mixed beans.

5. Mid afternoon snack: She goes for a fruit piece of mixed seeds that comprises sunflower seeds, pumping and sesame.

6. Evening snack: For this, she goes for oatcakes covered with hummus, whole grain crisp breast and follows it up with a glass of fruit juice

7. Dinner: Jessica Biel’s dinner is nutritious too with moderate sized salmon fillet, baked with lime or lemon juice and teaspoon of olive oil. She also supplements it with broccoli, carrots and mashed sweet potatoes. For dessert, she goes for low-fat yogurt.

The Stealth beauty’s incredible diet is borne out of a responsibility to help her fans, the young girls, ge a good, healthy body image. “I’d like to be a role model for young girls. You don’t have to be stick skinny to be gorgeous,” says Jessica. “Muscles are beautiful. Strong bodies, working out and eating healthily is beautiful.”

Jessica Biel’s personal trainer Nancy Kennedy is impressed with her client’s commitment towards a great body. “When training Jessica, we had her eat half a wrap for a meal and half a protein bar two hours later. Because she increased her frequency of eating but decreased the portions, she actually lost about 10 pounds, as well as 10 percent body fat.”

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