Knee Braces for Arthritis

Knee braces for arthritis can be quite useful because osteoarthritis is a common condition that affects knee joints. This degenerative condition can be made worse by repetitive stress and injuries that can exacerbate As the disease that is known to affect a significant portion of women above 60s progresses, the cartilage can become thinner leading to complications The knee brace can be a very good supportive product to be worn by osteoarthritis patients to relieve pressure, pain and discomfort.

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An expensive but effective knee brace for arthritis patients is called ‘hinged offloader’ or ‘unloader’  that can offset unicompartmental osteoarthritis symptoms that affect only one side of the knee joint These braces function well by taking the pressure off the affected area and putting it on the unaffected side. This may be quite useful in prevent knee replacement surgery.

Though offloader knee brace is very good, people prefer to start with low cost alternative that can be quite effective as well.  In this category, Neoprene is the best alternative for knee brace for arthritis pain relief. Neoprene known for its heat retaining characteristics can increase blood flow to the area, which in turn supplies the nutrients to the area that can hasten the healing.  Proprioception, the mind-body interaction to get better sense of balance, position and coordination is helped due to neoprene support.

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There are metal parts and straps that can also give the joint the much needed support. So in the neoprene brace, there may be metal strays that are light weight, and fixed to the sides of the brace, to give movement and stability to the knee, without risking injuries.

There is a hinged neoprene brace that has a tight hinge on both sides of the knee These give more resistance against movements that go against proprioception. However, the bulk and the size may be a dampener, but it is cheaper than the offloader brace.

When you purchase a knee brace for arthritis problem, make sure you buy one that fits securely around a knee joint without being too tight around the thigh or calf. You can also buy wrap around supports if needed.

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