Knee Pain treatment, Knee Joint Pain

Knee pain treatment specialists say that knee joint pain is a common issue because it is one area of the body that comes under a lot of pressure.  The knees carry your entire body feet;, if there is pain, the body may just buckle.

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Also knee is twisted, bent, straightened many types during running and walking. Actors, dancers, athletes etc usually get knee problems while doing stunts, feats, performances which can impair their work. Knee pain can be divided into two types: acute and chronic knee pain. The acute knee pain can be for a few days only while the chronic knee pain can remain for months on end.

Knee pain causes

Here are the causes of knee pain:

1.       Arthritis: Knee joint arthritis is one of the biggest manifestations of osteoarthritis, triggered due to the degeneration of the cartilage in the joint. It happens more in the elderly when the cartilage between the bones deplete due to aging. This chronic knee pain can be very bad in the morning and reduce after sometime. Apart from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are the other types that can affect knee joints.

2.       Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Also known as ‘runner’s knee’ this can affect anyone, not just athletes.  Here, one feels a sharp, tingling knee pain in the front portion of the knee just under the knee cap.  It can affect people of any age. People with dislocated knee are at greater risk. Like osteoarthritis inflicted knee pain, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome can also affect during climbing up of stairs, running etc.

3.       Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS):  This is a thick, thick rubbery tendon tissue that starts from hip bone to the shin bone while touching the external part of the knee. It is conducive to making the knee joint straight. When it comes under pressure due to overuse, then it becomes stretched and rubs against knee pain, resulting in searing pain in the thigh and knee.  Here, the pain’s origin may well be in the knee, but it is felt in the outer thigh part. Often long distance runners are at risk of pain due to  Illiotibial Band Syndrome

4.       Patellar Tendonitis: This type of knee pain happens due to inflammation in the patellar tendon that is connected to the quadriceps muscles located at the anterior area of the thigh with the shinbone. The swelling in tendons in the knee largely happens due to overuse of the knee. It is commonly found in people who do cycling and skiing a lot.

5.       Baker’s cyst: Baker’s cyst that happens at the knee due to a meniscal tear. When the cyst size is small, there may not be painful symptom but as it does become big, the pain may be sharp enough to restrict movement.  There is there another type of knee pain known as ‘knee bursitis’ that happens when the bursae sac located in the front of the knee cap is inflamed, triggered due to direct injury to the knee area.

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Knee pain pictures

Check out these knee pictures to get a better understanding of pain management

Chronic Knee Pain Treatment

If you are suffering from chronic pain in the knees, go to a doctor who will diagnose the situation and say which out of the above reasons may because of knee or knee joint pain.  You should follow the prescription and stay away from activities that can cause problems to your knees.   If the knee pain is severe, the doctor may give you anti-inflammatory medicines and even corticosteroid injections for controlling arthritis-led chronic knee pain.  You can also apply ice-pack for less than 15 minutes, may times a day, as well.

Chronic knee pain treatment can be addressed by physical therapy as well, they recommend knee exercises that can give strength and flexibility to that joint. There are knee braces also available that can be of immense aid to osteoarthritis patients; they help in providing support, protection to the knee joint while fostering movements.   If it is an advanced cases of knee osteoarthritis, then knee replacement surgery may be required, this however is rare and may be used as a last step.

How to prevent knee pain:

Do regular knee strengthening exercises; do warm up before doing high impact workouts. Maintain healthy body weight so that the knees do not have to bear much pressure and if you do get knee injury, make sure that you avoid any activity that creates pressure there, till you are fully recovered.

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