Knee Pain While Running

Experiencing knee pain while running may be a formidable sign of any possible bone issue or other adversities. There are numerous individuals who face such aches while running or even when taking a leisurely walk. Knee pain is common amongst aged individuals, but when it is experienced by young or middle aged individual, it should be taken seriously and immediate medical aid should be opted. The best person to help you with such issues would be a certified doctor or orthopedic surgeon. However, this article will provide some information about various factors that may cause knee pain while running.

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Knees are more prone to injuries than other parts of the body:

Knee is the largest and perhaps the most intricate joint in the human body. It if used frequently and almost for everything including standing, sitting, to walk and jog etc. This joint bears the majority of weight of the body; it twists, straightens, curves and rotates. All these may increase the chances of your knee or knees getting injured which may lead to knee pain while running.

Knee Injuries Causes

Knee injuries often occur due to impactful twists or fall. Sports such as soccer, basketball, American football, martial arts etc which include running, jumping and sudden stopping and so on puts extreme pressure on knees which increases the chances of injuries to the knee.

Overused knees:
One of the most common factors causing knee pain while running is due to overuse of knee. Injuries to overuse knee may occur gradually and sometime insidiously over the course of days or weeks. In case of overuse knee the pain initially remains mild and intermittent; however, if it is not treated timely then the ache may progress to a severe condition. Under influence of such condition when muscles and ligaments are stressed even slightly over its capacity, it may cause tear and pain. This is another factor that causes knee pain while running. Pain is also experienced during healing condition; hence, one should allow the condition to get cured and restrain from the performing same activity. If the condition is not treated immediately it may also cause chronic issues.

Too much exercise initially:
Knee injury or pain may also occur when you do too much exercise for the first time or after a significant time gap. One should avoid doing excessive body workout such as aerobics, treadmill, weight lifting etc.  Doing excessive to and fro on staircase may also cause knee injuries.  It should be known that, while you walk up the stair you exert pressure on your knee which is four times your body weight, whereas when you run up the staircase you put eight times your body weight on your knees.

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One of the common factors that cause knee pain while running is osteoarthritis affecting the knee. This physical condition is a kind of arthritis that causes degeneration of cartilage. It is essential to practice exercises suggested by certified doctor in order to uphold flexibility as well as strength of the muscles that supports the knee. This in turn reduces pressure on the knee joint. For people who are afflicted with knee related osteoarthritis, it is essential to take other drugs such as pain relief medications and osteoarthritis specific treatment.

Patellofemoral Pain:
Patellfemoral pain is also known as Runners Knee which is anterior knee pain. This is one of the most common causes of knee pain while running.  Due to its name most people perceive that this condition may only afflict sprinters; but it should be known that this kind of knee pain can be experienced by any individual. In this case the pain is usually experienced behind the kneecap and the symptoms may grow stronger after climbing stairs, running etc. Such condition can be brought under control by consulting a certified doctor and undergoing instructed exercises and medications.

Possible ways to avoid knee pain while running

Knee pain can be controlled by ensuring that muscles surrounding the knee are flexible and strong enough to support the knee. You should consider warming up before you start strenuous activities. Try to warm up by first walking slowly for sometime and increasing the speed gradually. You should practice each time you are going to indulge in strenuous exercises such as jogging, running, playing sports etc. If possible, try to avert such arduous activities and allow your knee to recover from such condition. It is also essential to wear appropriate footwear such low heel or flat sole footwear, rubber sole slippers etc. Such footwear should provide comfort while walking and should not put any pressure on your knees.

Surgical treatments for knee pain

Most knee pains are treated conventionally through specific medications as well as therapies. However, in some severe cases your doctor may suggest you to undergo invasive treatments. Such surgery may be required mostly in case of athletes, but it can be suggested to anyone. These surgeries may be recommended incase there are torn or damaged ligaments between the knee joint and also in case of fractures.

The aforementioned are some possible treatments that may be suggested to you by your doctor. He may only suggest a treatment after understanding the root cause of the disease. Hence, it is essential to seek medical aid immediately if you experience any knee pain while running. Read more about kneecap dislocation

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