Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis

Which is better for permanent hair removal? Laser Hair removal or electrolysis?Unlike laser hair removal treatment which has been in use since the past few years, electrolysis, where the doctor slides a hair thin metal probe into every hair follicle, has been in use since the past 135 years.

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Though FDA has given the permission for laser hair removal technology to remove unwanted hai9r, it only allows the term ‘Permanent Hair Removal’ in regard of electrolysis only. Also compared to laser epilation, it has been found the electrolysis is quite effective on all hair types. But then a study  in Ankara, Turkey proved beyond a speck of doubt that laser hair removal was 60 times more  faster, dependable and less painful than electrolysis.Also you should not choose electrolysis for hair removal if you suffer from diabetes, have a hormone definciency, have uneven pock mark skin or other skin issues.

Here are the lasers that are used  for laser hair removal:
The Nd: Yaser laser technology has 1604nm wavelength and is good for people with all skin types, especially darker skin types. The Pulsed Diode Ray has 810nm for pale to medium skin type while Alexandrite laser hair removal technology is good at 750nm for pale skin and not recommended for darker skin types. 
The main standard behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis (SPTL). Lasers leads to localized damage by heating selectively melanin or the dark pigmentation of the skin, in the area that leads to hair growth(follicle) while doing not anything to the rest of the skin area. Laser energy being light is absorbed by the dark area of the skin with more intensity.  In the  hair there, are two types of melanin, the pheomelanin which gives hair its characteristic color (blonde or red ) and eumelanin which gives hair brown or black color. The photons of the laser light have a selective absorption property in which only black or brown hair is removed. Laser hair removal can be used on the face, as well  as the chest, legs, bikini area, back, pubic area etc.
The FDA gave full permission to use hair removal lasers since 1997 for permanent hair reduction.  Though laser hair removal is the best method for getting rid of unwanted hair in the body, the efficacy depends on the experience and the expertise of the laser operator and the kind of laser technology being used in the clinic.
 The prices for laser hair removal treatment  are as follows (these prices are estimates)
Full face
Upper lip    $50-150
Chin    $50-150
Underarms    $50-150
Regular bikini    $50-150
Brazilian bikini    $200-300
Half legs (both)    $200-400
Half arms (both)    $200-400
Butt    $150-300
Back    $200-500
Chest    $100-300
Abdomen    $100-300
Check out the laser hair removal video. In this video you will see how simple it is to remove hair through laser

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