Laser Skin Tightening: Should I do it? Laser skin tightening costs and types

Should I go for laser skin tightening for thighs, face or my body? Is the cost for laser skin tightening worth it? You will find quite a lot of information to make up your mind with a comprehensive video

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Laser skin tightening is a trouble-free, non-surgical process that makes of a laser to tighten the skin by heating the collagen below the surface of the skin, causing it to contract and tighten. This makes makes your skin look youthful, and reduces the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and most importantly, loose skin.

Process of laser skin tightening :The face becomes tight and youthful quickly after the treatment. This is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, with hardly any downtime. You will find the best results from two or three successive treatments keep a gap of one month between them.

When the laser light reaches the skin surface and moves into the deeper layer, the dermis, a controlled quantity of heat is administered to the collagen which stimulates facial tightening. Before starting with the procedure, the facial area is cleansed well and cosmetic, oils, creams and other lotions are removed before the treatment. Doctors advice you to protect yourself from direct sun exposure and tanning before the treatment and they may ask you to use topical medications like retinol, retin-A a week before the treatment. The lasers that are used for skin tightening include ND:YAG laser that has a wavelength of 1064 nm and can easily treat all skin types.

Prior to the the laser skin tightening treatment is given, a topical cream is applied to numb your face. Then you are asked to wear protective eyegear to cover your eyes from the laser light. The practitioner will apply laser pulses to the skin surface with a hand piece. There will be a series of three passes over every area to be treated. The laser pulse will be preceded and followed by a cooling spray burst for the localized numbing effect. The doctor will tell you to stay away from direct sunlight for 14 days after the treatment. You will be asked to use a dermatologist prescribed sunscreen cream and night lotion.

Types of skin tightening treatments include:
The types of non surgiical face tightening through laser skin tightening treatments include
Thermage® – Thermage skin tightening makes use of sharp radio frequencies to stimulate natural collagen growth, tighten skin, and maintain your youthful facial contours. Thermage is safe for your face and even the sensitive areas of the face.. Thermage often only takes one session usually to tighten your loose skin and can be completed in an hour.

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Titan™ —Titan skin tightening works with advanced infrared light to move through the layers of your skin and stimulate collagen production deep in your skin. Laser skin tightening leads to an more even energy distribution compared to the frequency of a radio  Titan is effective for tightening baggy, loose skin around the neck area and jaw.You may have to go for two or three sessions to realize its full potential

Thread Lift – Thread Lift is a facial skin tightening process that makes use of a thin thread that is pushed into to the face through a needle. These threads create a more youthful contour for your face and there is collagen growth to secure the the tightness of your face.  This has been also termed “lunch hour facelift” because the the results are as good as surgical procedures for face lifts  and it can be performed in less than an hour.In a Thread Face lift, no anesthesia is given, and you can use a mirror to tell the surgeon which areas of the face you need him or her to tighten.

Arasys – Arasys inch-loss system is a fantastic way to tighten and smoothen your body’s features. It is not used for the face, though. Arasys makes use of  electrical waveforms to excite  impulses in your nerves. . A 17-minute Arasys session is as good as  300 sit-ups. You can easily lose 2-6 inches per session. Arasys inch-loss can build muscle while tightening the skin.

Side effects from laser skin tightening
The treatment is absolutely safe and the temporary side effects that are there, are only for a day or half a day like redness, burning sensation, skin sensitivity, dryness, swelling and localized bruising.

Costs for laser skin tightening:
The least cost of skin tightening through laser is $100 while the maximum cost is $5000 with a national average of $50000. It also depends on the experience, expertise and the place from where you get treated

Time Required for Skin Tightening:
It takes less than 60 minutes or less and there is little down time associated with laser skin tightening procedure. Compared to other surgical and invasive process, this is quite safe and gives very good results.

Laser skin tightening video:
Check out the laser skin tightening video to know how easy and effective it is

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