Laser Underarm hair removal, Sweat Treatments and Whitening

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If you are tired of removing your underarm hair time and again and are looking for laser armpit hair removal, here is some information that you should take note of. We will also cover laser armpit whitening and laser armpit sweat treatment including costs.

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Laser underarm Hair Removal:

In this procedure, melanin or the dark matter inherent in the follicle that causes hair to grow is targeted. During the process, the laser emits a light which moves through the underarm skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle pigments. The laser pulses are strong enough to cause the pigment to vaporize, disabling the follicles in the process. Thus the underarm hair growth is stopped due to laser. Of course, the success also depends on the cosmetic specialist who is doing this process. Jeff Bridges of Laser Hair Removal Manhattan says, “Of course, choosing the right cosmetic specialist who is adept at laser treatments do make a significant difference. We have to ensure that only the underarm hair is removed and there is no damage to the skin.”

Samantha Goldberg from a well placed laser hair removal at NYC says, “We have seen that in people who have darker skin type, it is tougher to see good results and the skin may be prone to damage in such people. Of course, those with fair skin do not have such issues, at least as far, as we have seen.”

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However, laser armpit hair removal treatment does not guarantee permanent absence of hair. But doing the treatments regularly as do some celebrities definitely bring about lasting results. Janice from laser hair removal in Chicago advises, ‘It is recommended that you undergo such a treatment once a year, if you want to do so.”

Laser armpit sweat treatment: A revolutionary technique for removing underarm sweat problems is called Laser Sweat Ablation(Laser Sweat Ablation). This technique came into existence through the efforts of a doctor from Buenos Aires known as Guillermo Blugerman. The scientific term for ‘underarm sweating’ is Axillary hyperhidrosis, and although it is natural process, for some people , excess sweating in the problem can be quite a problem.

Though there was a technique called ‘Botulinum Toxin’ (simply known as Botox) in place, Laser Sweat Ablation is a permanent technique to remove underarm sweating with a success rate of 80 -95 percent. This is actually a quick process with very low risk. The procedure to do a laser armpit sweat treatment lasts for only an hour in many cases, and all it takes is about one or two 3mm incisions on the sides.

The procedure begins with an iodine test that shows the precise areas where sweating is seen, and then they are marked. Then a local anesthetic is administered into each side, a small 3mm incision is done through which the operation is conduction. In case, a larger area is to be covered, then they go for 2 incisions.

Once the underarm skin is loosened, the laser is put through the skin. This is actually fired, in such a manner that the sweat glands are destroyed. After the sweat glands are destroyed, they are removed through the process of suction. The stitches may cover a big area than the wound, so a dressing is put on the area with a jacket like compression garment to be worn eventually.

The dressing can be removed after two days. The wounds are totally healed in just 3 to 5 days. It may take 14 days to get back to heavy physical activity like exercises.

Laser armpit sweat treatment cost can be on an average of 2000 dollars or 3500 pounds in the UK. The concept was popularized in the UK in 2009 by Dr. Mark Whiteley who worked with Dr Guillermo Blugerman

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