Lasik Surgery Cost, Risk and Complications

Apart from Lasik Surgery Cost and Lasik Surgery Insurance,  let us consider risks, complications and procedure for  Lasik Surgery

Laser in Situ Keratomileusis or LASIK surgery is a popular trend in eye care. LASIK surgery aims to change the shape of the cornea and helps most nearsighted individuals to get a normal or better vision than usual. Adjusting the shape and length of the cornea during eye surgery makes the eyes get more focused and see the real object in a very normal way without getting too near to the object’s location. For most patients who have been into this laser treatment successfully, the experience didn’t hurt at all and all they get is the actual convenience of getting a normal vision back through LASIK surgery.

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Lasik Surgery Age:

It is better to go for lasik surgery when you are 20 years of age. This is the time when you are sure that your vision is not likely to change.The FDA has approved LASIK for age 18 and over. More significantly the person’s eye prescription needs to be stable for at least one year before the surgery.

Lasik Surgery Risks

Sight threatening issues from Lasik Surgery are very rare. In any case, there is any risk, it is minor and can be corrected wth medical treatment or additional surgery. A good eye specialist will make the surgery risk-free for you.

Lasik Surgery Complications

Lasik surgery complications have been reduced as next to nothing now. There were some complications during the first few years of LASIK especially during the late 90s. But now the complications for Lasik surgery rate has reduced from 5 to under 1 percent. Also candidates are screened carefully for the surgery. If the patient is diabetic or has some other pre-existing condition, he or she is refused the surgery.

As a patient, you have to inform correctly about any medication or disease that you are having at the LASIK pre-operative exam stage. Non disclosure of such information can result in slow healing of the eye after the operation.

One of the main reasons people are rejected for Lasik Surgery is because they have some dry eyes disorder. But in this case, the patient can be treated for dry eyes before Lasik vision correction operation is done.

Lasik Surgery Cost

The average lasik surgery cost is $2,150 for LASIK and other laser based correction procedures. Also the cost of the Lasik surgery can differ from one eye-care medical center to the other and also depend on other sets of factor. Please remember the the price for Lasik as well as other vision correction surgeries are quoted per eye. So, this means one Lasik surgery procedure covers only one eye, even if both eyes are operated upon the same day.So expect, double the rate when you have the surgery done on both eyes.

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Lasik Surgery Insurance

Most insurance plans do not cover Lasik eye surgery and refractive surgery because the procedure is thought to be of a cosmetic nature. However, there are some employers who enter into an agreement with certain Lasik centers to offer huge discounts on the procedure. You can also get tax deduction done on refractive surgery.

Though there are financing options available with various eye surgeons and eye clinics for Lasik, do not look at the cost as the only decisive factor. It is better to get the best results paying a few hundred dollars more than risking a vision problem out of a cheaper but improper surgery. There are financial companies that offer vision correct plans with fixed rates and instalment payments, and Lasik surgery clinics and private medical eye centers have tie-ups with them.

What to expect in a Lasik Surgery

If you are considering of getting LASIK surgery at the moment, all you need is to get some careful preparations by visiting a highly reputable eye surgeon or a specialist in LASIK surgery. Some of the top things they will consider are the patient’s age, then type of prescription you are currently dealing with in terms of using contact lenses or eyeglasses, diabetic issues and other related health concerns.

People who are in their teenage years and in their 20s are most likely to change their eye sight patterns after a decade, so they are not highly recommended by doctors to undergo LASIK surgery at that point. If you are suffering from diabetes, the disease makes your cornea thinner, making you a candidate for LASIK Treatment. Whenever the doctor finds you as perfect fit for LASiK surgery and you are wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses, your doctor may ask you to avoid wearing them for months or weeks to get the ideal length of your cornea prepare for the eye surgery.

LASIK Surgery Procedure

You will be required to wear a surgical gown and takes sedatives to avoid panic risks or any discomfort. You will also be given anesthetic drops on the eye with a special instrument that will keep your eyelids from shutting. The process is actually painless but you will be able to hear sounds during the eye surgery. You will then be advised to wear special glasses after operation and be able to see the results for better vision even just right after LASIK surgery.

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