Liposuction of the Neck-Cost, Photos, Side Effects

Liposuction of the neck and jowls as cosmetic surgery is very popular these days because it gets rid of excess fat quickly. The neck accumulates fats despite regular exercise and balance diet. Because it is near the face, it is quickly noticed. And even if you are in perfect shape and young, a fatty neck is a minus to your overall appearance.

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Strong and slim neck contributes to a more attractive look and people quickly take note of this. Hence, having nice-looking neck gives you no worries about necklines of nicely-cut clothes and makes you feel a lot more comfortable when wearing any neck jewelry. A flabby neck, however, prevents you from enjoying these. It is not surprising then that many undergo liposuction of the neck to address the issue of a fatty neck.

Neck Liposuction Meaning

Liposuction of the neck is a simple surgical procedure usually carried out just right inside the office of the cosmetic surgeon. It involves removing the accumulate fats on the neck. It is usually done with local anaesthesia, but general anaesthesia is employed in cases where deep sedation is required. Administration of anaesthesia mainly depends on the surgeon’s recommendation based on the work that needs to be done on the patient, most especially if the operation is in combination with other procedures such as a facelift or neck lift. However, even if anaesthesia is administered during the surgery, the entire procedure only lasts for several hours and the patient could go home right away.  Nonetheless, patients are sometimes required of hospital stay for complicated surgical procedures.

Procedure of Neck Liposuction

First, the surgeon marks the areas either behind the ear lobes or below the chin and insert a slim tube or cannula directed towards the fatty part. The cannula will break the accumulated fats while shaping the area. The cannula will then draw out the unwanted fat deposits on the neck by high-pressure vacuum pump without causing any damage on the blood vessels, nerves, skin and muscles. Once the suction is over, the surgeon will then close the incision with stitches and wrap it with special bandages to support healing.  The administration of anaesthesia depends upon the recommendation of your surgeon based on your preferences, health condition as well as extent of procedures done. Typical neck liposuction lasts an hour only.

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Side Effects of Neck  Liposuction

As with any liposuction procedure, liposuction of the neck has side effects such as swelling, bleeding, numbness, bruising and pain, but these normally clear up after two weeks. Also, you may experience sore neck, hence, requiring you to wear compression band to ease the pain and maintain its shape during the recovery process until soft tissues are completely healed. However, some patients were able to get back to their work after one week but it greatly depends on the type of work they do and extent of surgery made.

Neck  Liposuction Cost

The average cost for neck liposuction is $2225.  It is good for candidates with isolated fatty areas. The time taken for one treatment session can be anywhere between 45 minutes and four hours.  The results are of course, permanent.

Neck Liposuction Recovery

The person can be able to go to work in a period of 1 or 2 weeks.


Although liposuction of the neck is plainly safe, still, possible complications may arise. Therefore, discuss everything with your surgeon before starting out any liposuction surgical procedure. Most of all make certain that you choose a skilled and reliable cosmetic surgeon so as to avoid problems afterward.

Neck liposuction Before and After

Check out this liposuction of the neck before and after pictures

Neck liposuction Video

Check out this video on liposuction of the neck. Find out how the surgeon removes the fat off the neck skillfully.

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  1. I also had liposuction last week for my belly, flanks and arms. There was no real pain. But if things continue this way I will surely recommend this procedure to anyone. interesting article and great video!

  2. @ Kim, I’m sure you chose a good clinic for your procedure, because besides me you’re one of the few persons that felt comfortable during a liposuction procedure.
    I did mine at Skin Vitality from Toronto where I found one of the best doctors in town and I think that’s the main reason for the success of the procedure.
    Some of my friends chose cheaper solutions and they’ve regretted later…..

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