Liver Cirrhosis-Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Life Expectancy

Liver Cirrhosis can be described as the condition wherein the liver gradually degenerates and becomes malfunctioned resulting from chronic injury. Healthy tissues in the liver are replaced by scar tissues; this blocks the flow of the blood partially. Scarring of liver impairs certain functionalists of liver. It disables the liver’s ability to control infections. Under this condition, the liver is also unable to eradicate bacteria and other toxic items from the blood. Nutrients, medications as well as hormones are also not processed normally. When liver faces such malfunction it also results in proteins that may cause blood clots. When liver cells are damaged, a health liver enjoys the ability to regenerate these affected cells; this ability is not seen in case of liver cirrhosis.

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It is essential to have healthy liver in order to live a good life or survive longer. Liver cirrhosis is the considered as the twelfth major cause of death and approximately 27000 deaths are attributed to cirrhosis every year. This disease is slightly more common in men than women.

Causes of   Liver Cirrhosis:

There are several causes that may lead to liver cirrhosis. It is recorded that heavy intake of alcohol for a very long time and hepatitis C are amongst the leading causes that results in such cirrhosis. Obesity is also turning out to be a common factor resulting in liver issues. Obesity may lead to liver problem in combination with alcohol abuse and hepatitis C. There are cases wherein such liver issues were caused due to more than one factor.

Alcoholic liver damage:

It should be known that excessive intake of alcohol for consistently longer time may lead to liver abnormalities. It should be known that not all people who drink alcohol get afflicted with the disease. This condition may be mild and insidious in the beginning but gradually it may turn severe. If the condition is left untreated for considerable it may lead to the last stag of the live issues, Liver Cirrhosis. The influence of alcohol may depend on the immune system of the individuals as well. A female should not drink more then two or three drinks whereas a man should exceed more than four drinks. It is noticed the number of death due to cirrhosis accompanied with obesity is increasing.

Cirrhosis resulting out of chronic hepatitis C:

The hepatitis C virus is an infectious condition of the liver that is said to be contagious and may spread by coming in contact to blood of infected individual. Chronic hepatitis C leads to damages as well as causes inflammation in the liver. This condition may also progress to cirrhosis if timely treatment is not received.

Hepatitis B and D:

The hepatitis B virus has its influence on the liver. Similar, to hepatitis C even hepatitis B also spread through blood of the infected person as well as semen. It is said that any kind of body secreted liquid may transmit this infection. Even this condition can grow into cirrhosis. There are hepatitis B vaccines that are given to all people as well as infants in order to prevent them from hepatitis B affliction. Hepatitis D is another infectious condition that occurs only in case of people who are already afflicted with hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis D as well affects the liver, which through the course of time may turn into liver cirrhosis.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD):

As mentioned above obesity also contributes to liver issues, NAFLD is one of such issues. In case of NAFLD there are fats that accumulate in the liver and causes abnormalities. This condition may also result out of diabetes, deficiency of protein, corticosteroid medicines etc. Similar to other aforementioned conditions even NAFLD may lead to cirrhosis.

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Autoimmune hepatitis causing liver cirrhosis:

Autoimmune hepatitis is a physical condition wherein the immune system of the body affects the cells of liver, resulting in damages as well as inflammation. It is said that genetic factors may make some individuals susceptible to autoimmune issues. If this condition is not addressed appropriately and at right time, the condition may develop into cirrhosis. It is that women are more prone to autoimmune issues than men as, records indicate that only 30% of all cases of autoimmune hepatitis where attributed to males.

Physical conditions damaging bile ducts:

There are some diseases that has their influence on ducts that passes bile out from the liver. If these ducts are damaged then it may lead to accumulation of bile in the liver which may gradually lead to liver issues and then liver cirrhosis. To your information, these ducts are sometimes affected even during surgical treatments, which may lead to similar issues.

Familial disorders:

Cystic fibrosis, hemochromatosis, glycogen storage and alpha-1 antitrypsin are some of the inherited or hereditary disease that affects the functionality of liver to regulate proteins, minerals, enzymes and other substances, which are crucial for the body. Similar to other conditions even this condition may lead to liver cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis symptoms

Similar to other diseases and disorders there are also certain symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Some of the common formidable signs and symptoms are:

• Fatigue or weariness

• Reduces hunger or loss of appetite

• Weakness

• Vomiting

• Queasiness

• Dramatic reduction in weight

• Pain in abdomen

• Bloating in case of accumulation of fluid in stomach

• Skin itching

• Roseola and rashes on skin

Liver cirrhosis treatment:

The treatment of liver cirrhosis is highly depended on the root cause of the issue. The aim of cirrhosis treatment is to slow down and reverse the scar tissues and promote regeneration of liver. Some of the commonly suggested treatment techniques include following a strategized nutritious diet. Many health care provider suggest balanced diet and fatty eatables as this helps in restoring liver health and functionality and aids the regeneration process. If liver cirrhosis is caused due to alcohol abuse, the treatment starts with ceasing alcohol usage completely and relying on medication as well as strategized diet plan.

In order to cure cirrhosis completely and efficiently you need to consult your doctor as soon as you experience any related symptoms. A certified doctors is the best person to help you determine the cause of the issue and suggest appropriate liver cirrhosis treatment

Life expectancy

Liver Cirrhosis was mentioned as the 12th main cause of death among Americans in 2006. The life expectancy of a person who suffers from liver cirrhosis tends to be shorter than the average life expectancy in general. The life span of the patient also depends on what stage of Cirrhosis, the patient is in.  Though the disease is not reversible, if the patient practices abstinence from alcohol, it can  be good for the cause of the person. One should know that though alcohol consumption excessively has been linked to liver cirrhosis; in recent years, Hepatitis C is the leading cause.

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  1. I was diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatic Cirrhosis 14 years and 3 months ago. Obvious, i must of had it for a few years or so before it was even diagnosed. In general, i feel well most of the time. I’m still smoking cigarettes, and think that this habit causes me more problems that the cirrhosis. I was hospitalized for fourty-six days, 1 1/2 years ago, with acute Bronchial Pneumonia. I feel that if i would just quit smoking, that most of my health issues would be solved. Yes, i have Cirrhosis. But even so, i do not feel as if i am on the verge of dying from this infliction. At least, not at the present time. I’ve never heard of anyone else living this long with Hepatic Cirrhosis. Years ago, a few Liver Specialists told me that they haven’t met anyone who has lived 15 years with Cirrhosis. And, to be totally truthful about this problem, i have had a few drinks in the past 5 years, too. However, after i first found out that i had cirrhosis, i went ten years without as much of a drop of alcohol. I’m 62 years old now. And, hoping that i’ll make it to 70, at least. Hmmmm….i wonder.

    • Hello, I was diagnosed with alcohol cirrhosis 2 yrs ago for some reason I went from alcohol hepatitis to cirrhosis stage B with cps of 9 and meld of 13 in less than a month after leaving the hospital in may 2011 and returning in june 2011. I have abstained from drinking for over 2 yrs since being told I had alcoholic hepatitis in may 2011. I was told by the gastroenterologist I had 2 yrs to live in june 2011 since then my liver has become nodular and the liver specialist says im stage 4. I have ascites in my lower abdomen and a fluid in my left lung. What have you been told about your cps or meld or being on transplant list? I live in California and am thinking of moving to another region. Just wanted to know what your numbers are since they will give me hope that I have time left to get the help I need/ Your obviously a miracle in the happening and your note gave me hope. I am 55 thank you so much

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