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Home remedies for loose motion are something that most people look for when they are affected with loose stools. Though some home remedies are effective in curing fecal incontinence or loose feces, it is essential to see a doctor as the factor causing the issue may be serious. It is believed that loose stools happen when the body refuses to metabolize the undigested food. This condition arises when one consumes rich or heavy food stuffs. However, in case of any stomach related issues loose motions may serve as a formidable symptom. For example in case a person who is suffering form ‘dysentery’ (also known as flux), which affects the digestive system of the body, diarrhea may be experienced which may cause loose stools or even blood in stools.

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If the condition remains untreated for a long time and there is a nondescript underlying physical issue, then the condition may be fatal as well. Diarrhea is a condition which attributes to numerous deaths amongst infants throughout the world due to eating contaminated food and water.  Diarrhea may cause serious dehydration and other complications if not treated in time or properly.

Causes of loose motions:

Searching for home remedies for loose motions may be a good idea when the condition seems to be benign, but in case the factor causing loose stool is not understood and seems serious it is better to meet your doctor and discuss the issue. Your doctor is the best source of help in case you are suspicious that your bowel movement is not normal. However, here are some causes that may lead to loose motions.

• Loose stools occur when your system is unable to digest any consumed food which is rich or heavy on the stomach. This is why the body rejects the unmetabolized food in the form of loose motions.

• Infections caused by bacteria such as salmonella, shigelle, Escherichia coli, campylobacter, etc may also cause loose stools. These bacteria affect your body when you eat food carrying any of these bacteria. It also enters your body through contaminated water. Other viral infection such as rotavirus infection, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus infection or herpes simple virus may also lead to diarrhea which causes loose feces.

• There are certain parasites that may plop the digestive system by entering into your body. Such parasites may include cryptosporidium (protozoan parasite causing cryptosporidiosis) and giardia lamblia (also known as lamblia intestinalis or giardia duodenalis) etc.

Crohn’s disease, IBD or Inflammatory bowel disorder, colitis etc may also lead to diarrhea which causes looseness of stools

• Sometimes even reaction of certain medication may lead to such conditions

• Some people are unable to digest food which contains lactose or sometime artificial sweeteners; hence, they may experience incontinence of feces.

• People who travel a lot to other state or country may drink contaminated water or in some or the sudden climatic change may cause loose feces. This is also referred to as traveler’s diarrhea

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There are also some disorders that may such issues. In case of such disorders there are possibilities that home remedies for loose motions may be effective; however, most of the time you may have to visit a doctor. For example, IBS or Irritable Bowel syndrome is also sometimes associated with loose feces. The condition usually leads to diarrhea which causes the affected individual to experience looseness of stools. This condition also has other symptoms such as gas, abdomen bloating, abdominal cramps etc. IBS may results due to chocolate milk products or even alcohol. In case of women the conditions of IBS becomes worsens during the time of menstrual cycle. A person afflicted with this condition may experience constipation as well as sporadic diarrhea.

Other physical condition wherein home remedies for loose motion may not be a perfect choice:

• Fecal impaction (solid bulk of human feces which becomes immobile due to constipation)

• Dehydration

• Diabetes mellitus

• Colon cancer

• Adrenal insufficiency of Addison’s disease


• Gastroenteritis also commonly known as stomach flu

• TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome

• IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Hyperthyroidism (condition wherein tissues within thyroid are over active)

These are some but not all possible causes of loose stools. If you suspect any of the above mentioned causes then it is better to seek medical treatment rather than relying on home remedies as medical treatment may be more effective than home remedies. However, if you prefer home based treatment techniques to alleviate loose motions, then here are some of the helpful home treatments.

Home remedies for loose motions:

• It is believed that peeled and shredded apple when kept in a hygienic container till it turns brown may help in curing loose motions. One should shred pieces of peels apple and keep in a container for about 20 minutes uncovered and should be eaten when it looks little brownish in color.

• One should slice unripe tender bel or bael fruit and allow it to dry in the sun. Then powder the slices and consume 1 teaspoon twice a day on daily basis along with warm water.

• Every night one should take three clove or garlic which should be chopped as well as boiled in milk.

• Psyllium seed husk, also known as ‘isabgol’ in some Asian countries, should be mixed with one teaspoon of sugar in cold water and consumed. This is said to be one of the efficacious home remedies of loose motions.

• Mix lemon is tea (without milk) and drink.

• Take approx two to three teaspoons of coriander seeds and soak it in water; allow it to be soaked overnight. Next morning consume the seeds with buttermilk, 1 cup.

• Take one ripen banana and mach it, treat it with pinch of salt as well as 1 teaspoon pulp of tamarind. Eat this formulation two times a day on daily basis.

• It is said that drinking tea without milk and sugar is also effective for controlling or treating diarrhea.

These are some of the effective home based treatments for curing loose stools. However, is still the problem persists that it may be a serious condition. Hence, it is wise to consult a doctor and stop taking any of the home based remedies for loose motions.

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