Male Sperm Good for Skin and Preventing Ageing

A new study has confirmed that the human male sperm is good for the skin, especially to treat acne and prevent wrinkles. The study, however bizarre it may seem, states that the sperm has proteins that can tighten the skin. As the water evaporates, the protein in the sperm eases the wrinkles

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The hairgel sperm scene in There’s Something About Mary may have had you in splits, but yes, it works. Bull semen is used to add life and luster to dull, damaged hair. Semen is known to have five times the healing property of Vitamin E oil and is also rich in protein. The protein content in bull semen or for that matter, anyone’s semen could compliment the protein in hair molecules, making it viagra for the hair. So, yes, sperms has others things productive in a woman’s life apart from just making babies.

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The sperm has three vitamins C, B12, and E, apart from protein. It also contains minerals like phosphorous, zinc, potassium, magnesium and calcium. There are two sweeteners also fructose and sorbitol in the sperm. There is a treatment known as spermine facial, which involves putting copious amount of synthesized human sperm over the skin of your face and then running an ultrasound and infrared light over the substance to help it move deeper. This service is presently being offered for $250.

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  1. I'm a guy who's prone to oily skin with moderate break outs and I have tried applying my semen for the second day and my skin feels amazing already. It tightens like a mask and has made my skin really smooth and visibly less blotchy in just a day. I should sell this stuff! lol

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