Managing Emotions under Pressure

It can be quite challenging managing emotions under pressure. Samantha Desmond who works as a receptionist in a media based company in Ohio agrees” Managing emotions at workplace can be very difficult, especially if you are at the receiving end of a whiplash or you come to know that your work colleagues are not exactly nice behind your back.”

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A new study at the Rice University, the University of Toronto and Purdue University discusses how people manage emotions under pressure. They have found that health care professionals, journalists, lawyer, social workers and law enforcement officers have their feelings bottled up and have less energy to devote to work tasks.

Daniel Beal at Rice adds, ‘It takes energy to suppress emotions, so it is not surprising that workers who have to remain neutral are usually show higher levels of burnout. The more energy you spend controlling your emotions, the lesser time you have on hand to devote to the task at hand.”

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Employee motivation does translate to customer delight. For instance, if the employee is frustrated, sad, angry or has emotions bottled up, she will not be able to serve the customer well. This dents the customer’s interest in sustaining relations with the company, who would rather go to another company that has less ‘concerns’ and more ‘positive energy’ radiating through their being.

To manage emotions at work, it is important that companies initiate a self-motivation program, coaching and also help people with their personal problems if they are willing to share. Employees should undergo counseling at appropriate timings so that they can open up their bottled feelings and let the psychologists know if they are facing any problem at work, so that better solutions can be offered to them.This will increase the self-worth of the employee and there will be higher level of camaraderie between team-mates and the service levels of the company will go up, translating to better profits .Of course, there are stressful periods at work, but managing emotions under pressure and arranging priorities in order, can do a world of good to you.

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