Meningitis Symptoms in Children, Adults

Meningitis is a condition wherein inflammation of meninges is experienced. Meninges are membranes that surround your spinal cord as well as brain. This condition usually occurs due to infection. The disease is often accompanied with signs and symptoms which are explained further in this article.

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According to surveys it is recorded that in majority of cases of meningitis the common cause of the affliction is said to be viral infection. However, it should be known that bacterial infection as well as fungal infections may also lead to such conditions. Meningitis may be self curing and within course of weeks, it may completely ebb away; however, there may be cases in which this physical issue may become severe and immediate medical attention is necessary.  If you believe that you or any family member is afflicted by this infection, then it is essential to seek doctor’s assistant before the condition maturates.

Symptoms of meningitis:

The malady may lead to symptom that may take merely hours or a day to develop. Following are some of the symptoms that a meningitis afflicted individual may experience.

• High fever

• Unbearable headache which may not be similar to other kinds of headache

• Stiff or immovable neck

• Vomiting or queasiness accompanied with headache

• Unable to concentrate or confusion (children may be unable to maintain eye contact or stare at one place for sometime)

• Seizures

• Not able to wake up from sleep or extreme sleepiness

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• Reduce appetite or no interest in eating food and drinking

• In some cases skin rashes or roseolas may be noticed

Meningitis symptoms in children

Meningitis may also afflict newborn babies and symptoms are also recorded in such cases. Some of such symptoms may include:

• High fever

• Consistent crying due to irritation

• Extreme sleepiness

• Lethargy

• No or reduced appetite

• Bulge in soft portion of the scalp

• Stiffness is baby’s body

Meningitis in babies may be difficult to determine and such babies may cry even harder when they are carried. It becomes difficult to comfort a baby with this condition.

Meningitis Seeking Medical Help

It is crucial to seek immediate medical aid if you or anyone in your family is afflicted with this condition. If any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms are experienced or noticed, it is important to call a doctor and seek treatment. However, following are some signs which should not be neglected.

• Any fever

• Sever headache

• Lowered concentration or confusion

• Vomiting or queasiness

• Stiffness in neck

Meningitis is usually a bacterial infection and since bacterial infection can also be life threatening, it is essential to stop it before it progresses. Acute bacterial infection may be caused when bacteria persuade bloodstream and traverses to spinal cord as well as brain. Meningitis may not be determinable to you, and doctor is the only person who can provide appropriate assistant with the issue. Before taking any self- decided medication, seek advice from certified health care expert to cope well with meningitis. There is a viral version of the disease also but this one cannot be cured by antibiotics; most cases improve without therapy. In case, the cause of meningitis is not clear, the doctor can start an antibiotic treatment till the cause is clear through diagnosis.

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