Migraine Headache Treatment, Medication for Migraine Headaches and Remedy

If you are wondering how to treat a migraine, then this article may be helpful to you. Medical industry has introduced several migraine headache treatments. In addition to these treatments for migraine there are other curatives that may help in providing relief from the condition. Migraine medicines used to treat the inflammatory condition can be classified in two different categories which are explained below.

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Pain- relieving medicines or pain killers: These medications are also referred to as abortive medicines or acute treatment. Such migraines medicines are formulated to stop the symptoms of migraine and should be taken when patient is suffering from a migraine attack.

Preventive migraine headache treatment: As the name indicates, these migraine medicines are usually suggested under a medical program and should be taken on every day basis for suggested period. This helps in making the condition mild and infrequent.

It must be understood that some medications may be restricted for lactating or pregnant women’s use, whereas some medication may not be suggested for children. Hence, it is wise to consult your doctor and ask for instructions to avoid any unwanted physical abnormalities. However, treatment of migraine can be determined based on frequency, degree and severity of the migraine head pain.

Pain relieving migraine headache treatment:

Preventing migraine is anytime a better option, but if you are already under migraine head pain influence then you may have to take pain relieving medications for migraine. While you take pain relievers for migraine, try to sleep in completely dark room which may help providing relief faster.

• NSAIDS: NSAIDS is an abbreviated version of Non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs. Medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin are considered as non- steroidal anti- inflammatory medicines categories. Drugs such as Advil, Motrin, etc are considered as effective ibuprofen medications. These drugs are helpful in treating very mild headache. To handle moderate degree of migraine headache treatment Excedrin Migraine is suggested to the doctors. It should also be known that taking too much of NSAIDS frequently may also cause other physical issues such as ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding etc.

• Triptans: Most people with prevalence of severe migraine attacks prefer using triptans as their escape from the condition. These medicines are efficient in reducing symptoms such as a pain, queasiness etc. Also this medication helps in reducing sensitivity to sound as well as light sensitivity. Medicines in this category include imitrex, rizatriptan, Amerge, Zomig etc. Before you take any of these medicines you should gain information on the side effects as well. Some of the common side effects include quietness, drowsiness as well as weakness of muscles.

• Ergot: There are medicines such as Migergot and cafergot which are classified under Ergotamine category. These medicines are comparatively cheaper but also efficaciousness is not so significant. Dihydroergotamine or Migranal is a derivative of ergot but is more effective and side effects are also lesser as compared to ergotamine.

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• Anti- nausea medications: Since one of the common symptoms of migraine head pain is also nausea, it is often that a migraine medicines are accompanied with medicines for quietness. Some of the commonly suggested medications for nausea under migraine are metoclopramide which is administered orally as well as prochlorperazine which may be suppository or orally administered.

• Butalbital combination: Sometimes a combination of sedative butalbital and aspirin or else acetaminophen is used as migraine headache treatment. Some other combinations are also used such as caffeine or codeine. However, these migraine treatments may also show side effects such as withdrawal symptom or rebound headaches; hence such treatment should not be adopted frequently.

• Opiates: In case when people cannot use migraine medicine such as triptans or ergots, they may be suggested medications which may contain narcotics, specifically codeine. These treatments for migraine are used only as last option as these medicines’ use may turn into addiction.

Preventive treatments for migraine:

For people who are already afflicted by migraine attack may get relief only through preventative medications. This may be beneficial for most people suffering from migraine but only 10% people use preventive migraine headache treatment. As mentioned above these preventive treatments for migraine head pain can help in reducing sensitivity to sound and light as well as provide relief from the symptoms of the condition. Usually these medications are taken when migraine triggers; however, your doctor may ask you to take this medication on daily basis as well as. However, there are chances that some preventive medication may not completely eradicate the pain or in some cases side effects may be seen.

It is better to seek medical advice from certified doctor who may help you efficiently overcome the condition of migraine.

There are certain cardiovascular medications which are also considered as migraine headache treatment. For example beta- blocker which is usually suggested for hypertension also known as high blood pressure and coronary arterial disorder are capable of reducing the frequency and degree of severity of migraine attacks. In some cases calcium blocker may also be helpful in reducing irritation of migraine. In some cases antidepressants are also found to be very helpful in reducing migraine pain. There are other such medications like anti- seizure medicines, cyproheptadine, botox etc.

Some migraine headache treatment tips:

If you are afflicted with migraine issues it is better to go for a complete migraine headache treatment program. Migraine is usually very irritating hence should be prevented. Avoid taking products which contains caffeine as it is believed that caffeine may trigger or worsen the condition. Also it is believed smoking also triggers migraine attacks, hence, one should avoid smoking or intake of caffeine in any form. It is essential to ensure that you take appropriate regular dosage while undergoing migraine headache treatment. Find out the difference between sinus headache and migraine

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  1. Headache can be prevented if you sleep long enough.
    My sister has headache for this reason takes prescription drugs – Oxycontin or Lortab.
    Findrxonline mentions that the headache may also be prevented by avoiding smoking and drinking.

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