Migraine Types: Different Types of Migraine

Most people assume that there are not many migraine types. In fact even people who are afflicted by migraine are not able to understand the difference between one type of migraine and the other. The reason why people fail to differentiate  is perhaps because almost all types of migraine attacks have the same symptoms.

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Common migraine attack starts with uneasiness which is then followed by mild ache experienced in one side of jaw, pain at one region of head, eye socket, neck or at the back of the head. The mild ache then progresses into severe pain developing constant throbbing which may also restrict movement. These symptoms may also be accompanied by quietness and vomiting, which are common symptoms experienced with most migraine types.

There are several types of migraine prevalence however the most common kinds of migraine are said to be classic migraine and common migraine head pain. These migraines are also known as migraine with aura which is classic migraine and migraine without aura which is common migraine. The aura is in fact symptoms or effect that is experienced before the headache starts.

These aura effects may include ocular hallucination like incomplete blindness in either or both eyes. Sometime jagged lines may interrupt the vision as well as disruptions to audibility, smelling sense and sense of touch may be experienced. In some migraine types one may also hear sounds which are not actually there.  Some of the common migraine auras are numbness and sensing strange odor. These auras are usually experienced before migraine starts and hence it may be taken as formidable sign of possible migraine attack.

However in case of people who are affected by common migraine headache may not experience such aura; hence the initial mild headache can be considered as the alarming sign of migraine attack.

Rare migraine types:

There are several types of migraine affliction which are classified in Rare Migraine category.

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Exertion Migraine:

This kind of migraine attack is very short lived and is usually caused due to physical exercises and dehydration. Exertion through any kind of workout may trigger this migraine type. However in some cases it may also be triggered due to sneezing or just bending over.  

Retinal Migraine:

This migraine type brings on temporary ocular disability of one eye. This type of migraine may cause temporary one eye blindness which lasts for several seconds and is then followed by headache.

Hemiplegic Migraine

This is perhaps the most threatening migraine type as prior to the migraine attack the patient may experience temporary paralysis on either side of the body. This may be terrifying for some people who may not have experienced such migraine type before.

Ophthalmoplegic migraine

This migraine type starts around or from the eye and is generally related to ocular distortion. The patient may also experience blurred vision while under influence of migraine attack. The worst part of this kin of migraine is that it may persist for more than a few weeks.

There are other such migraine types for example nocturnal migraine (attacks during night and may wake the suffer abruptly during night sleep), basilar artery migraine (characterized by throbbing at rear head and is usually found in adolescent as well as young females) and abdominal migraine (this is also referred to as headache free migraine but pain is experienced in other parts of the body mostly stomach followed by queasiness and vomiting; this is a rare migraine type). However, it is essential to get diagnosed and seek treatment immediately irrespective of the migraine types.  Read more about migraine headache treatment

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