Monocytes High Levels, Causes

Do you know what monocytes are and what it means when monocytes high concentration in blood occurs?

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What are monocytes?

The white blood cells or leukocytes play a vital role in maintaining our body healthy and strong. They are responsible for protecting the body and fight the invading foreign substances. One of the components of white blood cells is the monocytes. The monocytes are granulocytes that consist 1 to 6 percent of the white blood cells. These monocytes become dendrites that can recognize the foreign bodies entering the system, and may also become macrophages that eat all the invading foreign bodies such as the bacteria and viruses. During the laboratory examination, if there is a monocytes high count observed then the patient must have an infection.

What are the causes of monocytes high count?

Since the monocytes defend the body against the foreign elements trying to invade the system, then it is important to know the causes of the monocytes high count result seen in the laboratory examination.

  • Bacterial and viral infection – The monocytes high count is a result of the bacteria and viruses attacking the body. As the bacteria and viruses come in contact with the different organs to release their toxins and harm the body, the monocytes will go to these affected regions and consume all the bacteria and viruses. There can be an inflammatory reaction because of the monocytes’ defense against these foreign invaders. The body may not detect the monocytes high count, but the signs and symptoms of inflammatory reaction would signal the body that there is something wrong going on inside.
  • Certain diseases – There can be monocytes high count in conditions like Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory bowel disease affecting the gastrointestinal tract), systemic lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disorder affecting the internal organs, joints and bones), and rheumatoid arthritis (a disease that affects the joints).  This is because these conditions need the monocytes to fight off the harmful foreign bodies that caused the diseases.
  • Stress – Stress also causes monocytes high count due to the sudden changes that the body is undergoing. When the body is at the equilibrium state, each part of the body works smoothly. But if the person is constantly working without rest, then he or she may experience stress. Since the body needs adequate rest, the stress alarms the body, specifically the immune system, that there is something amiss going on. The monocytes high count is due to the increased need of monocytes in response to the stress.

How can we detect high monoctyes count in the body?

Since monocytes can’t be seen by the naked eye, laboratory equipments and tests are required to see if there is a larger quantity of monocytes in the body than normal. If the patient seeks medical help from the health care provider, the health care provider, specifically the physician, would order a complete blood count test as one of the routine tests that the patient should undergo.

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The complete blood count test serves as a screening test for the patient to know his or her own general health status. However, the complete blood count test is not just for screening but also for monitoring of the condition of the patient. Complete blood count test consists of the Red blood cells count, white blood cells count, platelet count and the other components of red blood cells and white blood cells such as monocytes. It is done by drawing blood from the vein in the arm or hand of the patient, and the blood specimen is put on a glass slide. The medical technologist would check it through the use of a microscope.

Prevent monocytes high count in the body

There can be several ways to stay away from the things that can make the increase in number of monocytes in the body. It is just a matter of how well you treat your body. The most important thing to do is to keep the immune system strong by eating the right kinds of food such as fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C rich foods like oranges and lemons can contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.  Doing your day-to-day chores and activities, and performing exercises may make the body tough enough to protect itself against the foreign invaders. For all those people prone to stress, especially the students and the working employees, take some time to unwind and rest. The body can adapt to the sudden changes going on inside, but if the body is too stressed out then it may not be capable of adjusting, which causes the malfunction of the different parts of the body. This is also the time when the monocytes high count exists. Keeping the body always clean to avoid infection will also keep the monocytes count within the normal range.

The monocytes high count indicates that the body is not well and it needs immediate attention and intervention. It also serves as reminder that as the owner of the body, you are responsible in keeping it healthy and in a balanced state.

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