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Mosquito bite treatment is essential in order to alleviate the resulted symptoms of mosquito bite. Bites by such insects are not only itchy but also annoying. Moreover, in some cases, during the time of mosquito bite some viruses may get transmitted to the human body which may also lead to diseases and other health abnormalities. To name a few diseases, malaria, dengue (also known as break bone fever) and West Nile disease are some of the most common diseases resulted out of mosquito bite.  You are more prone to mosquito bites between dusk to early dawn, as this is the time when mosquitoes are active. However, there are ways in which you can avoid mosquitoes from biting you. However, if you are bitten by mosquitoes and suspect prevalence of any disease, then you should seek mosquito bit treatments.

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Treatment for mosquito bite

Most mosquito bite treatments focus on reducing the symptoms experienced by the victim. There are various ways wherein mosquito bite can be treated moreover; these measures are not so complicated. Some of the most common ways to treat mosquito bite is by washing the bitten area using an effective detersive. This will help in reducing the possibility of irritation an infection, applying soap directly on the bitten area would also help in reducing itches. Some of the common mosquito bite treatments are:

• Making a paste like solution of water mixed with baking soda and directly apply it over the bitten region

• Even lotions such as calamine or topical anesthetic will help in providing relief from itches and pain

• Utilizing a 1% hydrocortisone lotion may also help in soothing itchy sensation

• There are certain anti- inflammatory medications that may help in reducing symptoms such as pain and swelling

• If you prefer natural mosquito bite treatment you should try apply natural Aloe- Vera which is also effective in alleviating irritation

It is to know that one should avoid scratching the bitten area harshly as it may lead to rashes and small hump. In some cases scratching may also wound the skin and lead to infections. In case of mosquito bites, if the condition is not degraded through conventional mosquito bite treatment then one should seek medical advice from certified doctor.

Mosquito bite symptoms:

There are certain symptoms of mosquito bite which may include:

• Small and pale hump noticed on the skin which may later progress into red or pink hump which may also be irritating

• Itchiness of the skin, particularly at the mosquito bitten spot

These two signs are common symptoms that may be noticed in case of standard mosquito bite. However, if you suspect that any of these conditions are persistent and progressing then you should consult you doctor and seek mosquito bite treatment.

Mosquito bite symptoms- allergic reactions:

There are rare chances that a mosquito bite may lead to allergic reaction. However, some common symptoms that may be experienced in case of such allergic reactions may include:

• Throat swelling

• Hives or skin rashes

• Reparation issues of wheezing

Though not all allergic conditions are fatal, anaphylaxis is a life threading allergic condition which may be result of mosquito bites in some cases. Hence, to avoid such adversities it is better to undergo mosquito bite treatment timely.

Mosquito Borne Diseases

Mosquito borne disease is one of the dreaded conditions that may occur due to mosquito bites. There are different kinds of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue etc. When these diseases affect an individual the person may experience different symptoms; some of the symptoms faced during mosquito borne diseases are:

• Hay fever

• Intense headache

• Muscles weakness or other neurological abnormalities

• Lethargy

• Ache in the body

• Swollen glands

• Queasiness

• Vomiting

• Rashes on skin

• Confusion or reduced concentration

• Light sensitivity

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The aforementioned are some of the frequently noticed symptoms in case of mosquito borne disease patients. Since, mosquito borne diseases are serious medical conditions it is essential to prevent it through helpful measures. If mosquito bit treatment is obtain immediately after understanding its prevalence then these disease may not affect you.

When to see a doctor for mosquito bit treatment:

Most mosquito bites may be benign and may not have severe effects on the body. However, some mosquito bites may be followed by symptoms such as fever, head pain, ache in the body queasiness or vomiting etc. if you suspect that a mosquito bite has resulted in any of such serious symptoms, then it is wise to seek doctor’s advice to obtain mosquito bite treatment.

Causes of mosquito bite related itch and swelling:

It should be known that mosquito bites related issues are usually caused due to female mosquito bite. Mosquitoes feed on our blood, they penetrates the skin with their proboscis. While a female mosquito sucks your blood, she may also secret some of her saliva in your skin. This secreted saliva contains some substances that are left behind in your skin. The immune system of the body then reacts with these substances and leads to symptoms such as itches and hump.

Prevention of mosquito bites:

One of the most effective mosquito bite treatments is reducing mosquitoes from surrounding. It is studied that mosquitoes required stagnant or still water to breed and multiply. Hence, by clearing away stagnant or still water from the surrounding will reduce or eliminate mosquitoes, which may in turn reduce your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito. This will also help in saving money and time that you may otherwise invest in mosquito bite treatment.

Measures to eliminate mosquitoes, Mosquito bite relief:

• Clear water from the roof and unblock pipelines that allows water to flow from the roof

• Ensure to clear up wading pool and do it as frequently as you can or at least once in a week

• Also clean birdbaths once a week. There are devices available in the market that maintains circulation of so that mosquitoes may not breed on such water.

• Clean your surroundings regularly, including gardens, nearby water channels etc.

These are some measures that can be taken to prevent mosquito borne disease. Adopting these measures is a better option than seeking mosquito bite treatments, as prevention is anyways better than cure.

Mosquito bite pictures

Check out mosquito bite pictures and see how the bite looks on the skin

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