Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

Can you recognize any of the narcissistic personality disorder symptoms if you see one? Do you know what narcissistic personality disorder is? This article will introduce you to this condition.

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Narcissism is defined as self-obsession. Once in a while it’s good to put yourself above everyone else and a little bit of narcissism can be healthy; but too much can also be dangerous. Narcissistic personality disorder, or also known as megalomania, is a mental condition that is characterized by inflated self importance, self-centeredness, and lack of empathy. Those who suffer narcissistic personality disorder symptoms cannot acknowledge other people’s needs and feelings, and are sometimes impolite and negative to others which give the impression of being conceited, rude, and self-righteous.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Self importance

Individuals affected by this disorder put themselves above everyone else; they feel they are more superior to others. They exaggerate their achievements and talents even without clear accomplishments.

Lack of empathy

Narcissists usually deny facts, make stuff, and lie. When under emotional stress, normal people can recover after an hour, a day, or two; but a narcissist will respond with a very malicious move. You will never win with reasons against a narcissist. They only think about themselves and do not consider other people’s feelings or situations.

Lack of conscience

Narcissists are only restrained when they believe they’ll get hurt and their reputation is at stake. But this would depend on their perception of their reputation. But oftentimes, when they think they can get away with something bad, they’ll do it and nothing can stop them.

Competitive and envious

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Their being competitive and envious usually becomes unhealthy and hard to understand. For instance, a person with this condition can become incensed with an article in a magazine, thinking he or she could write it better. They often compare themselves to others and think that if they are not the best then they are as worse like everyone else.

Extremely sensitive to criticism

Because they believe that they are perfect, they cannot tolerate criticism. They always feel like they can never do wrong. They complain about almost everything and may attack verbally and even physically.

Lacking initiative

A narcissist will never reach out to others and is generally passive. He or she may complain about same thing for years but will never do a thing to change it.

Vulnerable and Naïve

While they can be so self-righteous, oftentimes, they can be so inattentive and disconnected that they cannot recognize that other people are taking advantage of them.

• Grandiose

They live in a fantasy world and wishful dreams. They want to be adored. They are basically infatuated with their ideal selves. They believe to be the perfect incarnation of the human being. They see themselves doing great things that result to recognition, admiration, glory, wealth and love being bestowed on them.

Though having self-esteem or strong confidence is normal, narcissistic personality disorder symptoms are completely different. No matter how self confident a regular person is there is still that quality of humility; whereas a narcissistic person has none. This condition gets worse one gets older. It also requires long time treatment. Because narcissists are self righteous, treatment can only be effective to those who are willing to change and open their mind to the reality of their condition.

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