Natural Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are more common in sensitive skin type caused by the infectious foreign agents called the allergen. The main reason of occurrence of skin allergies is deterioration of immune system. Skin allergies are caused due to skin’s intolerable nature upon deficiency of certain nutrient, frequent change in chemical cosmetics, imbalance in certain food stuff, excess of toxins in the body, insect bite, change in climate and imbalanced diet plans to keep up fitness.

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Home remedies for skin and dust allergy

There are numerous ways that can help in curing the dust allergy quicker and effectively. Allergy symptoms are varied from one another as the type of the skin one possesses is different from other. Skin care involves many types of home treatments one can do to keep up their skin fresh with good tone and texture as well as balance over skin complexion in summers. Allergy symptoms are itchiness, skin rashes, swollen skin, redness, irritation, etc.

• Allergy from dust is to be treated by washing your face, hands and legs once you return home. Use a clean, soft textured towel to wipe your skin. Keeping general hygiene is more important as it most infections are caused from untidy hands.

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• A paste of half tsp of turmeric powder mixed with two to three tsp of curd can help in treating skin tanning. Cucumber juice with curd also works well!

• A combination of cucumber juice and buttermilk is the best natural home made moisturizer.

• Rubbing ice over insect bites, after a soft wash with lukewarm water works. Use a soft towel to wipe off after wash, rubbing or scratching vigorously can make the itch worsen. Madhuca is a good treatment for itchy skin.

• Oatmeal bath keeps off itchiness and nourishes the skin. Smashed banana applied on skin reduces irritation.

• Aloe vera gel and tea tree oil is also considered as a best treatment with quick antiseptic reaction.

• Mix jambula juice with soda and apply on the prickly heats.

• Take lemon juice twice a day to keep off skin infections. Citrus fruits are best choice to keep off skin allergies.

• Intake of fresh fruits such as apple, grapes, orange, water melon, berries, papaya, etc helps in nourishing the skin. While leafy green vegetables that are rich in needful nutrients helps in keeping the skin at good condition.

• Applying paste of henna cures hives, inflammatory disorders and swellings in the skin.

• Neem and holy basil leaves and their extracts that is available as natural treatment for curing certain skin diseases and infections. Application of well grounded paste of Neem leaf over affected areas is the best treatment.

Natural home remedies are the best way to treat skin allergy symptoms that affect the normal skin layers.

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