Natural organic cosmetics: Why You Should Use Them

It makes sense to go for natural organic cosmetic products because the artificially prepared cosmetic products contain toxic, chemical substances that can make the skin wrinkled and premature over time.

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A research says that putting chemicals on the skin can be more harmful than ingesting them. When you eat something that has chemicals, the enzymes in your stomach and saliva can break it down and flush it of the body. But if you apply chemicals on the skin, they are absorbed straight into the blood stream; there is no breaking down, no filtering; due to which the body is attacked with these toxins.

Toxic chemicals in beauty products can block the pores of the skin and make it prone to pimples, acne and eczema. It is thus important to check the brand of cosmetics that you purchase, preferably go for reputed brands and do not use expired products. Before we stress on the importance of natural organic cosmetics, let us find out how harmful artificial skin products can be

Lipstick is the most toxic among all cosmetics. The scented oils and impossible to remove dyes used in lipsticks can lead to health hazards like lack of sensation, breathing problems, swollen gums and swollen eyes.

Liquid foundation typically contains mineral oil, which is known to be a petrochemical pollutant. This can really affect the hormones in the body. Foundations may have agents that delay the process of cell renewal, causing premature ageing.

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Exfoliating products
 Products such as cleansers and skin peels can lead to skin damage if exposed to extreme sunlight. Too much exfoliating gets rid of the top coating of the skin, which acts as a defensive layer. Too much scrubbing or regular washing can have similar effects by thinning the oily layer that the body has for the purpose of protection.

Nail Polish
Nail polish has toxic products like toluene, phenol and xylene. These ingredients can lead to discoloration, roughening of the smooth texture of the nails and even bleeding under the nails. Phenol, when it comes in contact with the skin can lead to pimples. Tuluene can cause headaches, nausea and loss of appetite. Nail polish removers have acetone, a solvent, which causes the nails to become fragile.

Natural organic cosmetics are harmless and perk up the skin texture as they are made up of a combination of powerful herbs. Natural organic cosmetic products make use of fruit juices, crushed leaves, seed extracted oil, , milk, eggs etc. Spices like turmeric and saffron are usually active ingredients in natural cosmetics.

Natural cleansers like milk and lemon are natural cosmetics with inherent skin cleansing properties. Fruits act as excellent face packs. Almond and coconut oil act as good massage oils for skin and hair and result in a radiant glow to the skin and hair. They also aid in controlling wrinkle and crease formation on the skin.

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