Nonin 9500 pulse oximeter

The Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter is one of the newer models of oximeters manufactured by Nonin Medical.  When you need to have your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level checked, the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter can easily and accurately give you the readings.  Using it is so easy; you do not need the assistance of a medical professional.  Just place your fingertip on the oximeter and it will turn itself on and start reading as it has sensors that can detect whenever a fingertip is placed.  The pulse oximeter has an easy to read LED digital display.  Plus, it turns itself off automatically seven seconds after you’ve removed your finger.

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The following are some things you need to know about Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter.

Precise readings – As it is from Nonin, this oximeter is popular among clinicians worldwide. Its saturation accuracy is between 20% to 100%, and pulse range between 20 to 250 beats per minute. These make the unit ideal even for patients with low perfusion rates.

Simple – It has automatic on/off operation. As simple as that!

Cost Effective – Though not the cheapest oximeter available, it is still reasonably priced since there is no need for additional sensors. It is similar to the oximeters used by medical professionals. You can thus save money and time since you need not go to your doctor and pay fees to have your pulse rate and blood oxygen monitored.

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Lightweight and Small – You can bring the Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter anywhere as it is very lightweight at 2 oz. only. Aside from being lightweight, it is likewise very small that you can put it in your purse, small bag and even in your pocket. Users will find these features of the device very convenient, thus encouraging them to bring it anywhere such that when there is a need to measure blood oxygen and pulse rate, they can easily do so.

Large Bright LED Display and Pulse Quality Indicator – Vital and accurate readings can be read from any angle, whether under bright or dim light.

Pediatric to Adult Finger Sizes – It can be good enough for a variety  of finger sizes, from 0.3inch to 1.0 inch, just about the finger size of an infant to an adult.

Energy Efficient – Operates on two AAA alkaline batteries for an estimated 1650 spot-checks or up to 18 hours of continuous use. Plus, it automatically turns itself off when not in use within seven seconds.

Durable & Reliable – This oximeter can withstand even the most demanding situations. It has passed the aeromedical certification to be used in the US Army and US Air Force in helicopters. It can be used even at 40,000 feet and withstand pressures as high as 4 atmospheres. The device can withstand extreme temperatures from freezing to extremely hot. Moreover, the unit can be submerged and dropped repeatedly without suffering any damage.

Warranty– The Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter comes with a two year warranty.

With the features mentioned above, who could resist having a Nonin 9500 Pulse Oximeter? It is indeed a wise investment for people who want to check their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, since it is for their health and well-being.

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