Nose Job without Surgery

Nose job without surgery is one of the most demanded non-surgical face enhancements.If you want to smooth the contours of your nose but are unafraid to undergo an operation, you can do so non-surgically. Nose job without surgery is free from the trappings of side-effects and risk in rhinoplasty. It is also a cheaper alternative to surgically done nose job

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Nose Job Without Surgery – The Basic Procedure

What actually happens on a nose job without operation is that doctors use injections using substances known as fillers to help you enhance the contour of your nose, lift some drooping spots, reduce bumps and correct saddle-like profile. If you are thinking of having a pointed tipped nose after a nose job without operation, then you surely need surgical rhinoplasty since this injection method cannot do that for you.

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Injectable dermal fillers for a nose job without surgery may use Artefill, Silicone, Juvederm or Radiesse with the micro droplet technique. Juvederm and Radiesse are temporary injections and needs several injection patterns for optimized results. Using Artefill and Silicone injections are permanent and if you are having doubts or planning for a surgical rhinoplasty in the future, it is best to get a temporary injection.

The injection sessions usually occurs within four to six weeks intervals. If you are thinking about this painless method as an instant solution then make sure you seek advice and treatment from someone who is adept at non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Nose without surgery may have its share of plus points but it can pose problems as hypersensitivity reactions, damage the nasal skin, infection or may give some asymmetrical results. So, if you have some known skin infections or injection allergies, then think twice. It is always better to get a highly reliable cosmetologist to assist you with your options while considering your health conditions and preferences.

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